For years, I would struggle greatly with endless thoughts racing through my mind and seem to increase the older I got and with greater intensity. Also creating a decrease in my ability to concentrate.  Over a period, I also was able to identify changes within my emotional and physical well-being.  I remember thinking to myself, Well, this certainly is not a sign of the wisdom I was expecting as I got older.  You know the old saying, with age, comes wisdom.  Determination got ahold of me, I set out to find answers and create solutions.  The solutions were just as surprising as the methods. 

I began by researching the most common unhealthy thought patterns experienced by the average person daily.   I made a list of the top 18 which included a brief description allowing more insight as to how thoughts, real or imagined can have positive and negative effects within our emotional and physical well-being.   Several of the patterns considered to be “Unhealthy” also appear to be a necessary tactical aspect in life and commonly used every day by most of the working class now required for survival to get through life.  You know a competitive edge on your opponents.  I wanted to learn more in ways that would not invite more turmoil, finding it nearly impossible.

Download a copy of the 18 Unhealthy Thought Processes or visit my website; and navigate to the Resources page.

New Plan

 By researching the Thought Patterns for a better understanding of Why they occur, I noticed myself experiencing them even more frequently.  With this grand epiphany, I immediately stop digging!  After all, my goal is to end them or at very least understand and gain control over them.

Instead, I decided to Intentionally allow my mind to wonder about things I desire.  Before long the feelings normally attached to a real occurrence followed by an upswing in my mood. 

Next, I directed my attention toward creating a personal Spiritual Practice.  First, by learning the different types of meditation practices and asking for guidance in a silent conversation with my Higher Power.  The good news is that most all belief system has a central ideal base of a Higher Power exists.  Regardless of the massive quantity within the different beliefs systems present today, most of them rest on a set of religious or spiritual foundations with a Higher Power.   My choice in taking time out to really look within me and observing my thoughts, with a non-judgmental approach of curiosity.  I was able to gain a better understanding as to what was happening within me.  The answers began coming to me in profound ways giving insight into so much more than I could have ever imagined possible. 


For several years now, having an overwhelming desire to experiment with other Spiritual Practices, I am currently setting Intentions, creating personal affirmations, and spending more time connecting to the Divine within myself. 

A regular routine having prayer, meditation, and deliberate journaling for self-reflecting upon things of value and critical to well-being, combined with a schedule for a concise daily routine maintains a central focus. 

Here is my suggestion for anyone looking to enhance their well-being.

  1. Find meditation practices that work for you.
  2. Create affirmations.
  3. Set daily intentions.
  4. Determining when your brain decides to ride the crazy train.
  5. Spend a few minutes each day fantasizing about your desires.
  6. Allowing only good feeling positive thoughts to continue. 
  7. Release ALL unpleasant or negative thoughts,
    1. Thanking the reminder of how detrimental they once were, before I took control of my well-being.   
    1. Then saying, I no longer need you, I release you, goodbye.


There are no extra Souls on this Earth!

Communicate with the Divine by having a conversation the way you talk with a friend, or by using a more formal approach thru praying. The method does not matter as much as the efforts.  The Divine Source and Guardian Angels desperately want to confirm their presence in our lives.    Your life has a critical role in this world, and there is NO OTHER available to meet your specific role.   You are here for a reason…..on purpose!

Written by Lesley Pazdzioch


  • Lesley Pazdzioch

    Life Coach

    Inspiring Creative Insight, LLC

    Lesley Pazdzioch is the founder of Inspiring Creative Insight, LLC, and a Certified Life Coach.  Her personal life experiences led her on a journey of self-discovery and ultimately finding her life purpose and souls mission.  Currently, Lesley assists her clients in healing and self-discovery from the inside out by incorporating methods and practices found within her program to support and improve their overall emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.