Calvin Hamilton is no stranger to the ins and outs of marketing and social media managing. Since the age of 14, he has been managing marketing and outreach for gaming influencers, companies, and entrepreneurs alike, working with names such as Soar Gaming and Gary Vaynerchuk. In all of this experience, Hamilton has had the unique ability to see a common complaint that they shared. “There have been multiple occasions where I’ll have prospects, clients, or colleagues tell me that talking to marketing agencies is just flatout exhausting,” Hamilton explains. “Things move slowly, no one is willing to explain why results can’t be guaranteed for certain projects, launching new campaigns or managing the agency’s operations can eat up hours of your week (even though you’re hiring them!), and it feels like most firms are more focused on how large of a service fee they can squeeze out of you than the actual project at hand.”

That’s why Hamilton decided to create Engineer Influence, his own company that would take a much different approach. Engineer Influence is a firm whose main focus is transparency and straightforwardness, something Hamilton notes has been missing in the marketing industry. By implementing this unique approach to market and upholding transparency over profits, Hamilton has seen Engineer Influence enjoy incredible success. Hamilton says that, “Despite being just under two years old, we’ve had the pleasure of working with digital celebrities and executives such as Ryan Serhant, David Meltzer, Rohan Oza, Jon Taffer, and Hubert Rhomberg as well as companies like Extell Development, Drink Poppi, ScholarMe (YC S19), CREE Buildings, and SSB Solutions.”

But this success didn’t come without work or without patience, despite accomplishing all of this before turning thirty. While Hamilton had the social connections in place to learn the needs of the marketing and to correctly identify how to address them, he has still had to go through all of the same obstacles that new business owner’s face. “[For the last two years] I have spent virtually all of my time building the infrastructure, team, and processes to make Engineer Influence an agency that can solve those issues [regarding transparency], specifically as it pertains to personal branding and media buying. Now, the journey hasn’t been perfect, and I’ve certainly made my fair share of mistakes and hiccups along the way, but I’ve never been more confident in our ability to deliver results, and I think my clients would say the same.”

It’s true – Engineering Influence’s clients do say the same. The relief of dealing with a company that will tell if and how much they can help you is a strong starting point for the client-company relationship. Engineering Influence takes this value to the next step, best described by one of their own clients, the executive vice president of a management consulting firm. “Calvin Hamilton is one of the most thoughtful and generous entrepreneurs I’ve encountered. Working with him and his team was empowering as they leveraged their data-driven knowledge and well-honed instincts for personal branding to improve and refine my online presence.”

It’s clear that Hamilton’s unique approach to marketing and social media managing has created ripples in the way market firms are expected to operate, and he plans on continuing to improve and expand the agency through the core values of transparency and customer relations, If you’d like to learn more about Hamilton’s journey check him out here, and if you’d like to see how Engineering Influence can support you or your company Engeneer influence Calvin Hamilton