However, the use of social networks, day by day is increasing. And, even in the most remote place on the planet, technology has crossed borders with these tools; becoming a trend in modern society. And not only do we refer to the social or family environment; goes beyond, has become a springboard to generate profits in businesses, companies, companies and independent entrepreneurs.

It is so much so that, at present, most businesses devote large budgets, to generate campaigns through social networks; as part of an effective strategy to attract customers, and sell. The public, on the other hand; is looking forward to know brands, products and innovative services, that fit your needs.

As a result of this need generated by both parties; Social networks will serve as a springboard, so that your business is the solution to your problems. In other words; these tools satisfy both the client and the business; as long as they are used to the maximum, and used in the best possible way.

We must also take into account; that to gain the trust of customers, get experience and find potential customers; All companies need to have presence in social networks. As the specialist in Digital Marketing, Esteban Oria says, “it is not enough to have corporate profiles in social networks: without a clear strategy in social networks, your company will have difficulties to interact with customers and to increase sales”.

What should we include in our campaign in the RRSS?

To make the most of social media campaigns; Clear and effective priorities and strategies must be set, which may include the following:

1. Determine in which places it is best to publish; and when is the best time to publish. This may vary, depending on our business and the public we are targeting.

2. Decide the degree of presence that you want to have in social networks. Depending on the RRSS we use; We must determine the number of times we want to promote our brand or product.

3. Identify the correct metrics that should be used to measure your evolution; and thus achieve your goals in social networks.

4. Define how and why to interact in the networks, with current clients and potential clients.

On the other hand, we also find that the goals in the Social Networks strategy are linked to the three main areas of action:

1.- Branding.

2. Community.

3. Promotion.

By defining these three areas; we are looking forward to the start of our first campaign on social networks.

Effectiveness of social media campaigns

Various specialists in marketing and social media; ensure that campaigns on social networks have proven to be up to 60% more effective; than the traditional advertising campaign. And they list in the following way, the steps that we must establish to achieve success:

1. Define your objectives. We must think carefully about what he wants. Are you looking to grow your audience, or reach an audience?

2. Check your brand. When your fans think about your brand; What is coming to your mind?

3. Find a home. Once you have decided how the campaign is going; It is necessary to decide where you will find it.

4. Put in context. Once you have chosen a concept; Next, you should consider how well it fits with your marketing initiative.

5. Promote. You have to find a way for customers to know that something good is coming.

6. Engagement. Your social campaign is underway, and you are receiving your first tickets. It is flattering to know that you have fans who have worried about having time to enter; flattering them back is the action.

7. The registration process, check. You have more and more investment and you are keeping the promotion constant. Depending on the duration of the campaign, a qualified review session is required; either in the middle or in two thirds of the way.

8. Analyze . Your campaign develops; Whats Next? your digital marketing platform should have an analysis page; That is where you can find valuable data to calculate the success of your campaign.

9. Understand It’s a thing of adding the data; and another is to understand it. Get the best overall benefit from your team to review the facts. If you have an online marketing team, make sure they are included.

10. Go back to the starting line !. You have already done it: you have finished your first campaign. You have beautiful user generated content, or dozens (maybe even hundreds) of potential customers.


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