Do you still remember how as a child you wanted to be an astronaut?

The sight of a rocket being launched into space or the intriguing scenes of aircraft flyers or astronauts in movies thrilled you beyond measures.

As time went by, you knew more about space travels and explorations, the first man on the moon (Neil Armstrong), photos of space and satellite view of outer space, and news of how scientists are trying to find traces of human life/race in outer planets, and more. While you watch as these things go on, what will happen to your dreams of touching the skies and feeling the outer air and feel what Armstrong and his team felt when they landed on the moon and touched it for the first time in the existence of man?

‘To be the first to enter space, the cosmos, to engage single-handed in an unprecedented duel with nature, could one dream of anything more? This is according to Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.

It’s obvious that the conquering of outer space has become our major problem and the pursuit of everyone. Companies and billions of dollars are being invested in conquering space. Some few persons are devoting their lives to exploring the aerospace and telling us what is out there and what we need to do, some are making the needed material and technological preparations to ensure cheap and economical flight. They are working to fulfil the collective human dream to conquer space.

Can a piece of metal sent into space and brought back as a coin fulfil your childhood dreams of touching the skies and being an astronaut; making you a part of this huge conquest of space.

Can a fairy tale from your childhood become real? Can you touch the space with your hands without all the technicalities of flying to space?

DECRON Club has created a unique opportunity to bring your childish dream to reality and get coins made of precious matters – silver, gold and platinum – brought directly from space! DECRON Club has sent platinum, golden and silver ingots to space. Right after it has returned from the space ship, these ingots of silver, gold and platinum were melted and added to other pieces of same matter, The metals which were sent into space are melted in a boiler with the rest amount of precious metals and then minted. Space metal is in the DNA of the First Space Coin. The design for the coins is ready, and we are waiting for the coins to see the worlds. Follow DECRON Club’s updates and be the first one to learn about first coins to appear

According to them, they are helping you achieve our dreams of touching space by giving you a piece of outer space therefore making you a part of space conquest. Decron club aims to help people around the world finally receive an opportunity to touch the space, which they wouldn’t be able to do on their own.

They aim to design the space coin to be a part of space and our history of space exploration. According to release on their website, the first spacecoin series is an S-coin dedicated to Alan Shepard. Subsequent coins will also be devoted to breakthrough moments in the history of space. Five coins will be designed for the following important achievements in the history of space;

S: Shepard, Alan. The first American in orbit, 1961.

P: Proton. The missile that delivered the first module of the International Space Station to Earth’s orbit, 1998.

A: Apollo 11 / Armstrong, Neil. The spaceflight that landed Neil Armstrong on the moon, 1969.

C: Columbia. The very first space shuttle in the space transportation system, 1981.

E: Elon Musk. Dedicated to the reusable booster, made by founder of Space X.

The coin is designed in such a way to give you the feeling of being a space conqueror indeed. The coins are closed in a beautiful aluminum case, packed in a vacuum package. You will have to make an effort to open the coin, each coin is designed to have its own flash key, that users can use to register on the coin website.

A statement from their site reads, “In Decrons club, we use our endeavors to provide people with the opportunity to touch things that they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to encounter. We deliver to them treasures.”


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