There are ups and downs in people’s lives. Nobody’s life is up all of the time. There is nobody’s life that is just down. And you have to really look at why everything is down now. There was a time when everything was up. You have to again study time in another dimension. And that dimension is the dimension of Astrology. So vashikaran specialist talk about luck  . Astrology is not for Millionaires, but for Billionaire.You can question me but not him. He’s the most successful, one of the most successful people in the world. Because it is about Time, it will give you an analysis of how you spend your time. From morning to evening there are slots of time that have been segmented by an hour.

Every hour the energy changes. You have to know how to change and how to remedy the down side of reality that you have going on. And this not something that you have even observed. You know, you go through your life according to calendar and never, you know, and look at anything at all. So now you’ll become so conscious, every hour becomes useful for you. Within that every hour, miracles can happen. And you have to expect that, but the mind is unwilling to do that now. But we will change the mind so that the mind is willing to expect, willing to live in the Now. And vashikaran specialist  just want to create a humanity. working with the Angels and Spirits and rituals and so forth, and also the subconscious mind and the Pituitary and the Pineal.It is  also very, very practical. But I also know what’s going on in neuro chemistry,how a neuro-chemical can change the perception. How Melatonin can give you sleep. How DMTcan change your time and space, Dimethyl tripto mine. So all of this information is very essential because we want to solve the problem, you know, from all angles possible, because I have no axe to grind. The only one axe I have to grind is to make everyone to accomplish their goals, live life in an uncommon way, without having to struggle and suffer and die. And human beings have the ability to do that, all by using the Breath.The Breath carries the secret. The Breath is everything. The Breath is the Holy Spirit.The Breath is your Pineal Gland and its Intelligence.