Could finding out who you really are be the secret weapon in life and leadership?

First of all lets be clear that being a spirited human is not about finding religion or committing yourself to a certain way of life. We all have a soul and a spirit in order to be alive. How we choose to connect with that creates the difference in the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

Many trends start with a few people doing them and other people thinking they’re weird. Even though many of them have been around for thousands of years. Think about yoga and meditation. A few years ago no-one seemed to be doing them. Now we see them in the office, on apps and on television.

In fact the practice of yoga and meditation is one way to explore your spirited human, for many people that is a way to connect back to themselves, find inner peace and that might be enough for you too.

Many people have become disconnected from themselves, leaving a sense of dissatisfaction with themselves and the life they are currently leading. Add to that the strain of being in a position of senior leadership in an organisation already in turmoil after a year of upheaval. You can see where many leaders are struggling with stress.

Re-prioritising what’s important has been a popular hobby over the last year. Along with that, realising that the material things in life are not giving the same buzz they used to.

What we are being asked to do is connect. Connect to nature, connect to ourselves, connect to other humans with compassion and kindness. The reason that many people are feeling broken and fatigued is that their emotional, physical and mental investment are out of alignment.

Giving over power to others, no longer feeling a part of the world that they have been in for years, because they have stopped taking care of themselves, appreciating themselves and understanding themselves.

When you can take a step back, take a pause, take time to reflect on who you really are, you make a connection with your inner guidance and your higher self.

Watch a video on How to Connect to your Higher Self

The ability to connect to these gives you better decision making power, connection to your intuition or your gut instinct.

Think of the time you spend agonising over what to do over an important issue, when you could have the answer at your fingertips easily. Spending your energy in the right way and not wasting time in endless meetings exploring the same topics only to come out with no direction.

Being able to relate to your peers and your employees with a level of confidence guided by an unseen support team, that gets the way that you work, understands what you needs and is instantly there when you need help? Knowing that you have a cheerleading team that has always got your back.

Having the focus to direct resources, time, energy and money in the right place all in alignment with the bigger vision. Being able to consciously create collective goals and milestones where they happen seemingly effortlessly, easily and perfectly orchestrated.

It may all seem like fantasy, but it’s a reality of the new world we are living in and we are being called to embrace it.

You can no longer continue to operate by going through the motions, because you are too exhausted to create, make change or move into a new energy. You’ve forgotten how to see, how to see yourself, the world around you and your place within it.

Feeling helpless and alone even when are surrounded by people is a sign that you are being called to feel again, take charge of your life and leadership and have a different perspective.

If you aren’t listening to the call, to the nudges you will keep being prompted until you take notice or the rug is pulled from under your feet. Harsh words, but the time has passed for waiting for the lights to change on life. You need to put your foot on the accelerator now.

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