Every book in history has always led us to believe that the creation of life is a miracle and everywhere around the world we celebrate life with, birthdays, christening, you name it we find reason to celebrate life.

We also know that life is created and nurtured in the womb of the female, but what if I was to tell you that life is also created in the mind?

Would you believe me?

Or would you shrug this off as some sort of new age stuff that you don’t really have time to explore.

Because what I’m actually suggesting plainly and openly is that your mind creates your reality, it creates your life.

It’s a concept that many still wrestle with and may even argue that it is unfounded.

But just for a second I want you to think of a desire you achieved big or small.

Remember how you felt about it before it happened.

I’m willing to guess that was something you thought about daily or at least quite regularly.

You possibly imagined yourself with that desire, what your life would be like once you received that desire.

I’m willing to guess this was something you imagined often and called it day dreaming, you held that thought for a while then carried on with your day.

Time might of even passed and you possibly forgot about it, but somewhere in your heart it was still there, that desire.

Even though you had stopped consciously thinking about it, somehow what you desired you actually achieved and you received it.

Yes !!!

That’s right your mind created your desire into your reality, therefore creating your life ( well your life experience)

I know it can seem to simple to be true, but what if your mind was creating your life what life would you create for yourself?

Is the life you are living the life you truly want to live?

Or would you create something different now you know you can?

Dare to try?


  • Leonie

    Motherhood Journey consultant

    The empowerment of mothers has never been more important than it is now, we are slowly starting to wake up to the fact that mothers are often the dominant parental figure in a child's life, therefore is shaping the future of society with her ability to lead and nurture her children. Giving mothers the right tools to do so has never been more critical to the outlook on how our next generations leaders will look  and  what they will stand for. Thousands of mothers each year struggle with knowing their worth as it's not commonly celebrated the importance of mothers and their motherhood journey. Beyond mothers day mothers are expected to shrink and to fit into this stereotypical perception that the world has on mothers. We only have to look at the struggles mothers have accessing genuine and fulfiling careers or how they are still being shamed into "bouning back" quickly after child birth as if that is the most important aspect of motherhood.