You can’t turn TV on, look at social media or scan a newspaper without seeing someone hating something or someone else. It gets worse by the day.

The more extreme, the more appeal it has to different groups.

Is this a world we want to leave to our kids?

So what do we do?

Here are some questions to think about as you deal with this serious problem.

How is hate impacting your life?

Is it easy to hate?

How are you responding to all the hateful messages you see and hear?

Does it affect your choice of people you socialize with?

Do you set restrictions on certain subjects to be discussed with friends?

Is fear the prime motivator for hate?

Are you interested in calming things down?

Have you expressed your feelings publicly?

Do guns have a role in expanding hate?

Has hate had an influence in the workplace?

Why do people hate?

What should be done about school shootings?

If you witnessed an act of hate, what would you do?

Have you gone to any rallies pro or con hate?

Is hating a defense against something?

Are most people complacent in dealing with hate?

How does hate affect Thriving? It might pay to find out.

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