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Will I be more attractive if I meditate?

Want to be more attractive in the eyes of others but wonder if meditation for attractiveness is a myth?

You might have felt at a certain moment lost in a monotone, sometimes”ordinary” life. If yes, then I can relate, because I did. Maybe you are a young girl or man who doesn’t feel yourself a “star” yet. Or perhaps you are in a couple, you have a good family, but that’s all. Your life runs around a job, chores, and childcare… You have the impression that you lost all your attractiveness.

Where was the girl or the guy with passionate and romantic followers in your seventeenth? You dream about more intense and loving relationships and renewing your image with your partner.

Not only for attracting romantic relationships. You also have a wish to develop yourself and to be more confident. At work, and in social interactions. But how to become a more charming and charismatic person in all domains of your life?

Heard about meditation, you wonder if it plays a role in making you more attractive in the eyes of others? Meditation for attractiveness, is it a myth, or reality?”. Well, if you ask me, here is my answer: Meditation is a gateway to the beauty of your body and mind. Learn how.

1. Meditation reminds that you are beautiful

My first question: Why do you want to know more about attractiveness?

This is perhaps because you don’t know that you are already beautiful. I imagine your hesitating smile. No, it’s not a flattering sentence.

When you sit down and take a moment to listen deeply to your body, you will see that it’s a wonder. Within each cell, you have water that came from a cloud. It ran through the mountains in little streams, deep in the Earth. You have the sun that ripened the fruits you ate. Each and every cell of your body has in it the beauty of luxuriant and generous nature.

When an adolescent asked him “How do I love myself?”, Thich Nhat Hanh said: “You breathe in, and breathe out mindfully. And you realize that your body is a wonder of the cosmos. It comes from plants, the sun, the rain, and generations of human, plant, and animal ancestors. You are a wonder”.

That is the reason why meditation brings awareness and intimacy with yourself. It brings profound love to your body and its beauty. It’s a deep reminder that we are part of the wonderful and mysterious beauty and elegance of the universe.

And if you truly love yourself and treasure its beauty deeply, you emit the force of love from the universe. You take with yourself the irresistible fragrance.

So, I must say, yes, “meditation for attractiveness” is a great thing to try!

2. Meditation brings the freshness of mind and body

If you ever met some Buddhist monks or were in contact with experienced mediators, you will see what I mean. Our mind creates its beauty by the connection with our inner being and the highest self. It expresses itself through innumerable ways, including our bodies.

With tension, stress, and worries, we lose our freshness. That’s why, with meditation and mindful living, we can find back the sparkling and shiny bloom we processed in our childhood.

When I meditate, I like to cite the poem by Thich Nhat Hanh “Breathe in, I am a flower. Breathe out, I am fresh as a flower”. I imagine myself a real flower, fresh, and silent, in the middle of the field. Those are wonderful moments.

When you are a loving and fresh person, you are very attractive. But not only. With meditating, we bring a deep awareness of our bodies and nature. We can’t help naturally creating more healthy eating and living habits.

“We can eat with love, knowing that we are the guardian of our bodies, rather than their owners” 

 Thich Nhat Hanh

When we know that our bodies are the results of innumerable living beings and the gift of the whole universe, we take better care of it. We take time to rest and eat carefully. Similarly, we listen to our pain, and our sufferings deeply. Thanks to this care, our body will find itself more than ever, healthier, more beautiful, and attractive.

3. The self-confidence that makes you stand out

And this is the third reason why I think meditation helps with your attractiveness.

Do you think a person who is not very self-confident very attractive? You know the answer. I used to be not very confident about myself. Sometimes, when I spoke, I had the impression that my face couldn’t bear the look. And my hands were not in the right place!

There are many ways to develop self-confidence. Meditation is one of these. When we meditate, firstly, we find the calm of our body and mind. What’s more, we connect with the higher self. We are in touch with the collective consciousness and universal wisdom. And finally, we have an appointment life. We are aware that we are part of all that is, in an elegantly orchestrated universe.

This wisdom brings us so much peace and ease. As a consequence, our self- confidence is developed. Believe me, you’ll find yourself a much more attractive person, in the eyes of others.

Meditation is a gateway to connect with our inner beauty

So if you ever wondered if “meditation for attractiveness” is a myth, and whether you’ll be more attractive by meditating, you have my answer.

  • Practicing meditation, we first realize our beauty. It’s a profound beauty inlaid in each cell of your body. It is made by the love and inspiration of the whole cosmos.
  • Secondly, with meditation, our mind is calm and at ease. Less tension, stress, and worries, our whole person emits the fragrance and freshness.
  • What’s more, the awareness that we are part of all that is, brings us a natural tendency to value and care for our eating and living styles. Our body finds its way to be healthier, and more beautiful.
  • Finally, the connection with the higher self, the collective consciousness and wisdom bring us more confidence in our daily life.

The only thing I wanted to warn you is this. Perhaps, at that moment, it is not so important to you anymore, to find yourself attractive to people. You just are.

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