Don’t you know that we are all onboarding on a blue spaceship called Earth?

Imagine its journey. Silently crossing millions of miles, in immense universe.

Indeed, the universe is expanding. And so we are. Traveling further and further to the border of its observable limit. And that, at this very instant that you read these lines of mine.

On this spaceship, today, you and me, are…burned out!

Yes, we are caught up in this daily and mundane concerns of our lives. Taking care of our kids, traffic, work promotion, neighbor dispute, grocery shopping, and so much more! All of our energy is swallowed in this river of worries, and of struggle.

What if we stop right now, and imagine where we really are, at this very moment, in time and space.

Why did we come here? How much time is it left for us on this spaceship?

Time to contemplate a flower under the sunlight of this early morning. Time to savor the freshness of this water (that you can’t even find elsewhere). Time to feel the warmth of the hand of a beloved one?

Yesterday in a zazen meditation, one of my friends read out loud: “Each of us needs to clarify the affairs of life and death. Time flies like an arrow. Be careful not to waste the present instant”.

Yes, we might want to stop a moment. Stop running. Stop worrying. Stop doing.

Like said Thich Nhat Hanh, “We have arrived. We are home”. We have arrived at our destination. Because the only mission of ours on this spaceship is to be there. To experience it. To enjoy the journey. To live. To love.

So if we are burned out? Don’t worry. Close our eyes. And give ourselves a long breath. The future will be fine. Because we are fine now.

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