A few months ago I was hit with an idea. As a student of metaphysical science, I’m fascinated by the concept of using our consciousness to create extraordinary change. I found myself asking the question – can mindset and intuition impact global wealth? 

So I decided to launch the world’s largest metaphysical experiment, My Million Dollar Experiment. I truly believe that ordinary people can create extraordinary change in their lives, using consciousness. 

But why is this so important? 

‘Lack mentality’ or ‘lack consciousness’ is one of the most insidious driving forces. It’s deeply embedded within so many of us and yet we are often totally unaware that it’s having such a profound impact on our actions and results. 

What is ‘lack consciousness’?

Lack consciousness is just like everything around us, in the sense that it is a form of energy or vibration. It is a subconscious self limiting beliefs that things are scarce, there is not enough, or we will run out. We create our own realities based on these controlling beliefs, and we live our lives being governed by them. These beliefs stop us from growing, because as humans, we are hardwired to stay in our comfort zones. Once we recognise our own lack mentality, and push through the uncomfortable feelings associated with change, we can then start to tap into abundance and become the truest version of ourselves. 

Where does ‘lack consciousness’ come from?

The presence of fear underpins lack mentality, and the presence of fear is the absence of love – the highest form of vibration. 

When we think of fear, we often think of a blonde haired teenage starlet screaming in a horror movie, however fear isn’t so literal. It’s present in many areas of everyday life, including:  

  • Stress – (the overachiever’s word for fear)
  • Disempowerment
  • Lack of money
  • Lack of love
  • Worries
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low self esteem
  • Not feeling enough
  • Need and want
  • Hoarding 
  • Trying to control the outside world

All of these states of being arise from having a lack mentality – it manifests itself in so many different ways.

We often act without fully thinking about our choices, and about the rhyme and reason behind our actions. When our choices result in the creation of drama or fear, lack mentality is driving us. As long as we let it make decisions for us, fear will prevail. 

Here are just some of the ways ‘lack consciousness’ can affect you: 

  • Getting triggered and bent out of shape over what someone else has said about you, to you or even not about you. 
  • Trying desperately to control the uncontrollable: what other people think of you.
  • Refusing to recommend other people – just in case you lose business.
  • Fear that giving your best stuff for free is bad business or the hoarding of information when you know you could share. 
  • When we justify ourselves or our ability to do something – to prove a point or desperately seek validation from an outside source.
  • That need for just one more certificate or qualification – then we will be able to make more money because we will be more legitimate, knowledgeable and we will have an advantage over others. 
  • Unable to feel fully happy for the good fortunes of friends, family and others.  
  • Not feeling enough, having enough, or telling yourself you’re not doing enough.

All of these examples are manifestations of ‘lack mentality’ – can you relate to any of these scenarios?  These examples all come from internal avenues of energy – all the thoughts surrounding these started within you. Although this truth is scary, it is good news – it means that you have the power to change them.  As long as you are occupying internal space by ‘lack mentality’ – there will be no room for true abundance. The two cannot co-exist in your internal space.

“It’s one space with two energy options, lack or source- you get to choose!”

How to cure ‘lack mentality’

Taking the above examples into consideration – how many of the scenarios do you recognise yourself within? Think back to one particular situation you can relate to and ask yourself – what were the drivers behind my behaviour? As you look closely you will see that it all boils down to fear.   To remove ‘lack mentality’ from your life, you need to start looking for opportunities to invite love. Love is the true antidote to lack, as it connects us to the resources of the universe, it is that simple. 

The reality of energy & consciousness 

I operate from the consciousness and philosophy that there are two energetic forces – source and void. Source is the root of all energy, and void is the absence of energy. Let me explain how this works:

We live in a universe entirely composed of energy, both in the physical realm life on earth and the non-physical quantum realm – it’s all energy, the entire galaxy and the physicality around it, is energy. The absence of source creates a void, this is where ‘lack consciousness’ lives, alongside our negative thoughts, and feelings that we are ‘not enough’. 

The concepts of source and void act as binaries – when the source is ‘on’ in our lives. the void is ‘off’, when the tables turn, we find ourselves lacking consciousness as the source is off. 

Source is what is real, it is the: love, joy, happiness, the good, abundance, truth – we instantly recognise these states of being as evoke feelings of happiness.  On the other hand, void allows us to experience a deep contrast to what is real, and therefore is the polar opposite of source. It is fear, evil, lack, not enough. If the source is truth, then void is an illusion.

These two states of energy create our consciousness. We can tell at any given moment what consciousness we are operating from by how we feel – do we feel good, or bad? The nature of these energies in our lives determine how we see reality. Our individual agency and ability to control our lives, lies in our ability to stay in choice of how we feel.

The minute we accept that we have no choice, we enter a reality where ‘lack mentality’ is running the show. Freeing yourself from lack consciousness is; recognising your capacity to receive is bigger than your imagination. You constantly have access to the source of all energy because it is the essence of who you are – you are the source.

  • Joanna Hunter is a spiritual life and business coach, a lifelong psychic medium and the creator of My Million Dollar Experiment – the world’s largest metaphysical mindset and intuition experiment. She is also the author of bestselling book Get Selfish, The Way Is Through and is currently studying for a doctorate in metaphysical science.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash