The mission of the professional dancer is to dance, share his time between physical training and performing arts with his body. If you master all the demanding aspects that any professional must control to make a good show on the dance floor, you can demonstrate, for years and years, a true expression of art: dance in its different rhythms.

Can Muhammed Karagoz, a Turkish-American model, actor and professional dancer. He is one of those dancers who has mastered all the technique in my eyes, and who has the experience and physical abilities to delight the audience in each demonstration, through an endless number of rhythms.

Link below Can Muhammed Karagoz Dancing with the Stars Atlantic City experience. Unbelievable Tango/ Salsa Performance and Final Award Ceremony.

Dancing with the Stars Champion

As a professional dancer, specialized in Ballroom and Latin American rhythm such as Tango, Salsa and Bachata Can Muhammed Karagoz has demonstrated his skills

throughout all dance spaces in New York, in other cities of the United States and outside its borders.

Although he has developed a career as a professional dancer from an early age, participating in dozens of competitions, among the elite of each rhythm, his main passion is to teach others, and helping them to fulfill his dreams of dancing.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this extraordinary professional has been awarded more than eleven times, as the dance teacher and tutor of the year. Thanks to his extensive list of awards, Can Muhammed Karagoz has the reputation of being one of the best teachers of dance from the United States.

But Can Muhammed Karagoz is more than a successful dancer: he is a true entrepreneur, who have a career as one of the most impressive models of the fashion shows business.

Despite the professional success and the fame associated with it, the dancer has  remained as a humble professional, who shares with everyone in equally terms,  regardless of their dance skills and professional reach.

As a multi-faceted professional, Can Muhammed Karagoz is a teacher who has the ability to teach a wide set of tools and skills that, beyond the professional dance scene, will help each student to fulfill all their goals, objectives and dreams.

To see Can Muhammed Karagoz on the dancefloor is to see charisma and professionalism. His career enters a stage that is worth following with enthusiasm. Whether as a competitor or as a teacher, Can Muhammed Karagoz will continue to delight viewers with all his skills. For his students he will continue to be an example of perseverance and discipline.

To watch videos of some of Can Muhammed Karagoz’s dances, or to learn more about his career as a model, actor and dancer visit his official website today or follow activities on Instagram @canmkaragoz


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