67 Times.

Sixty-seven people/companies/businesses over the past 100 days either said NO or IGNORED me sixty-seven times.

But, I wanted to do a little experiment, and so I committed to asking for collaborations for 100 days in a row.

Hearing the word “no,” and being rejected totally sucks. That’s why many times, we just avoid asking.

No ask equals no rejection.

But, when you are a blogger, and you basically run your online business by yourself. I.E. this is pretty much a one-woman show… you need to collaborate with others.

For a while, in order to grow my business, I was asking around to local, small businesses to see if they would be willing to consign my products.

And, guess what. I got a couple of “no’s,” and a whole bunch of IGNORERS.

Yup. They just didn’t even respond. Which in my opinion, is WORSE than saying no. Isn’t responding like a common courtesy thing? Apparently, not.

So, I said, “Screw it.”

If the small businesses around here are going to ignore me and say no, then I might as well ask the big influencers. They can’t do anything worse than ignore me like the small ones.

And, that’s when the magic started happening.

Believe it or not, the BIG ones are saying YES to me. All. The. Time. Not ignoring. Not saying no. They are responding in a timely manner with the word YES.

Because in order to attract the right people to you, you must first repel the wrong ones.

No ask equals no rejection, but it also equals no chance. No risk equals no reward.

Basicallyyyyyyyyyyy, because of all of this massive rejection, I am fangirling like crazy over a reality TV star, some MAJOR online influencers, and a badass apparel brand that said YES to a collab with little, old me.

And remember, when you are feeling rejected or ignored, it’s not that YOU aren’t big enough, it’s that you aren’t ASKING big enough.

So go out there like a warrior on a mother-f*cking MISSION to be rejected. And, watch your life dramatically improve.

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