Unless there is psychological revolution in the individual, all changes remain peripheral changes, even adding more to the chaos.

Life has evolved as more and more multi connected process. As you are not directly producing the goods and services you are using. We are using almost all the goods and services produced by others. To feel connected with the world (whether comforting or bizarre) is the whole point.

You can not separate yourself from what is happening in the world (good, positive or bad, negative). You are connected with the negative also as you are using goods and services produced by others.

Unless you are in immediate physical danger, any negative, irritating, shocking happening is psychologically discomforting for you.

When you face anything wrong, negative, irritating-can you feel, bear this discomfort without any explanation as you are also connected in some way with the wrong, negative, irritating situation? You have made a dent in transforming your world. Now any action (or no-action) is relaxed, creative.

Steps to any reform or solution will always face conflicting interests. The integral solution is not wait or hope or predicting doomsday-but seeing that no one is separately, comfortably, safely, securely placed. No one can separate oneself from what is happening in the world (good, positive or bad, negative). One is connected with the negative also as one is using goods and services produced by others.

Seeing the connectivity relaxes the brain. Now any action is creative.

Or the negative, irritating, shocking happening does not disturb you. You remain satisfied with consoling, solacing explanations – religious spiritual or political. You remain within your comfort zone. Living remains superficial.

Political and religious ideas keep one trapped as if order will come and stay.

We have been waylaid by the ideas-

Tomorrow will deliver, future will be alright.

God will take care.

Someone else (guru and so on) has comfortably solved the enigma of life.

These are difficult times.

Can you notice that you are simply seeking relief from pain and uncertainty you are experiencing by these ideas, explanations?

Can you let go this relief?

You are face to face with ‘what is’ (liked or disliked, feared or cherished) from moment to moment.

The whole energy is concentrated here.

We are not moving from disorder to order, but from order to order. This clarity relieves the mind. Now any action is creation.

Otherwise we are fighting within and with the outside world as if order will come one day (illusion) and stabilise. All our actions become reactions.

The illusion traps one as if one will be happy when there is order in the world.

We see disorder outside. We can take action. Mind is enamoured as if by dealing with outside disorder, order within will be established-one will be happy. But within you there can be no disorder. Even if you perceive disturbance within, it is ‘you’- it is in the field accessible to you only. The disturbance within is in the format, which can not be acted upon. If you see this, supreme relaxation takes over. Now you can take action in respect of the outer disorder.

When you do not like or understand ‘what is happening’ or you face something bizarre-you coin theories to explain it away or adjust that you will know the answers in future through science or economics or tomorrow will be alright and so on. When you are stuck up and want to find the answers now, no explanation religious or scientific is able to assuage the pain of these questions.

Suddenly, you realize that there is no one to answer. You are Alone. From whom you are seeking answers?

Now you will touch the original pain, the original resistance, the original energy on which Life is sustained.

It is not the inability to find the answers but seeing that all answers simply give relief to the mind, cause distraction in seeing ‘what is’ ‘as is’.

The need for answers suddenly drops; you become one with Life as it is.

Now any action or no action goes towards creating order.

Whatever is stated above can not be applied as a mass formula.

When you understand, change has happened.