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It can be difficult to know how to best cope with the uncertainty of the world around you. With so many contradictions in the news and daily life, many people can find themselves spiraling into negative thoughts or developing crutches instead of positive coping methods. 

Once you take some time to understand that your interpretation is what’s creating your reality the doorway to emotional freedom can be opened to you. There are many ways to practice opening your mind and not becoming paralyzed by what is unknown. 

Can embracing uncertainty help you change the way you are conditioned to react? It’s possible, if you stay determined and consistent! If you are willing to lean into what ambiguity can provide for you, you can build up a larger tolerance for what is unexpected. As you’re looking for a way to expand your emotional response to uncertainty there are concrete steps you can take. 

What do you do when something new happens?

Ask yourself how you typically react when something new appears in your life? It may be difficult to understand why you react to situations the way that you do, whether that is to assume new experiences are generally positive or negative. Whether you are prone to lashing out in anger or find it hard to bounce back from negative feedback, there are many possible reactions. 

How do you feel about these reactions? Perhaps you are concerned about your anger, but when it really comes down to it, because you don’t understand why you are emotionally reacting to new situations, you can’t possibly change your behavior. For example, anger is most often used as a defense mechanism due to a lack of control. 

Perhaps you’re intrigued by this idea, that you could somehow gain control. Since you don’t know what you don’t know, it may be time to dig deep within yourself and figure out how to help your emotional reactions and connect with new situations in a more productive way. 

It is actually possible that a little bit of uncertainty, and your positive reaction to that, can go a long way towards your happiness. You probably will not be able to control every situation you will encounter in your life, but you can learn to control your thoughts and reactions to uncertainty.

Freewill vs. Survival

Your mind is always looking to protect you, but it comes with a price. Suffering can be a test for any individual and it’s how to react to the suffering that can distinguish the differences between two similar people. Lingering in suffering can cause great mental strain, anxiety, or depression. While accepting uncertainty as a fact of life can be of great benefit. You have to build calluses on your brain. 

Is your mind always running? In any given situation are you automatically trying to predict what’s going to happen in every situation or coming up with a contingency plan for the “worst-case scenario” whether or not that is likely to ever occur? Luckily, everyone is given the chance to react how they want and you can use your free will to change your outcome. 

You can make the decision to react differently. Are you making a choice, or are you being dragged unwillingly into the concern of dwelling over things out of your control? A good coping mechanism is to pretend a friend was asking you for advice about what is happening. Being able to see the outside perspective is the first step to becoming open-minded though it requires effort. 

Can your mind extend to something new?

Many have struggled with the concept of being open-minded. Is the fear of the thing worse than the thing itself? The uncertainty can cause you to be guarded or even to experience stress which can negatively impact your health. As you build your capacity to mindfulness you will be more likely to cope well with whatever comes your way. 

When you’re repeating the same negative patterns, you are solidifying them. While it is only natural to feel stress during times of uncertainty, you can harness these emotions and use them for good. No one is immune to this every changing world of situations and there will always be things that are outside of your expectations and plans. 

However, learning to focus your reactions to the unexpected can bring you true peace and comfort. Imagine, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Can you afford for that to happen? It is unlikely that many worst-case scenarios will come true, and simply believing you have the capacity to deal with these situations can give you the confidence to keep moving forward.

Everyone’s experience with a situation is going to be different. If you are great at empathizing, you believe the way they are experiencing the world is true to them, and this concept is helpful for coping with uncertainty. Taking previous experiences of unexpected happenings can give you the perspective to deal with big changes and unknowns as they arise. 

What else is possible?

When you give yourself an opportunity to experience something new, you’ll find more in yourself and you will be able to find the true balance you’re seeking. Accepting the uncertainty can be a challenge but the great perspective it offers you can also be rewarding. 

You have the power within you to face a new situation without preparing for it, which means being completely present at any given moment. And when you have the strength and stamina to accept every possibility, you will also truly be able to connect with yourself. Don’t accept limits that others place on you when you’ve never tried to conquer something new and unknown. 

When you accept the idea to just be present at the moment and embrace whatever happens you can completely transform your life. No longer will you need to worry about what comes next, whether you decide to practice mindfulness or you have a coping technique that works better for you, when you accept uncertainty as a fact of life, you will no longer feel anxious and worried. 

Anyone can feel stress from time to time but if uncertainty is causing you undue stress your health may be negatively affected. Learning how to manage your reactions can change your life by staying present in the moment. Just believing you can change your perspective can be eye-opening and helpful for many people. 

Know that you are not alone in the struggle with uncertainty. Asking questions that are still mysteries today is something we all do.  By committing to yourself to the practice of mindfulness and embracing the uncertainty you can become more focused and prepared. Ultimately, it could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Imagine Something Different

Are you even allowed to imagine something different? Of course, you are! You don’t need to be paralyzed by uncertainty any longer. Taking care of yourself by taking control of your mental health and perspective you can change your life outlook to one of possibility. All change is an opportunity to grow. 

While you may feel stress as you interpret uncertainty, it doesn’t necessarily mean the situation is actually stressful. With practice, anyone, even you, can liberate yourself from any negative patterns of behavior and allow yourself the chance to embrace new opportunities by considering if a situation is actually good for you. 

Take a deep breath and pause for a moment. If you can focus your thoughts and allow your mind to relax before engaging in your typical response. You can always anticipate change and plan an appropriate response to those changes. That way even if something doesn’t happen as expected you are mentally prepared for a calm reaction. 


Changes aren’t just for David Bowie, everyone will face changes and uncertainty. By choosing a positive emotional response to these changes you can better yourself. Getting started and following through consistently, with a positive attitude and coping with uncertainty can be exhausting but the benefits may be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Many of these strategies can also be used in life and for engaging a workplace too. 

Having the ability to accept uncertainty in your life and manage any stress that comes your way can be life-changing. Taking control of your emotions and managing your expectations and reactions can give you greater resilience and less stress. Don’t let uncertainty get in the way of you living your best life.