Let’s reverse the
time, and take you all when our parents used to scold us for sitting too close
to the television. Do you remember that
They always used to warn us
that the screen would damage our brain cells and our eyes would fall out. And
same goes for the cell phones, but that time we ignore and thought that it was
funny. But can or should we trust
technology? It’s a question often accompanied with apprehensive feeling, as if
internet itself is encircling us with its web.

But if you see, now things really are not much different. New technologies are introduced every single day and with new concerns as usual. So, how technology effect on our health?

You may
like it or not but that’s a fact the use of technology is rooted in our
personal lives. From the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed. We
have thousands of interaction with various devices, platforms and the new age
tools. But do you know it’s also been impacting our health? And this question neither we can’t ignored
nor left it unanswered?

Are there any positive side of technology that affect our health?

The future of healthcare is shaping up day by
day in front of our eyes mainly through the digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, VR/AR, 3D
printing, robotics etc. There’s something to be said that in which counting our
steps via tech tools has become trendy. For some people smart tech has made
fitness a lot more fun. Okay so let us
discuss first the latest trends of technology in health care in a positive way.

The digitized health Records

The introduction of electronic health records in replace has been a game changer for many health cares. The technicians and nurses are responsible for putting vital information of the patients into digitized system such as weight, test, any kind of post disease etc. Through digitized system the patient’s record is updated, even it helps in scheduling appointments too.

Remote Access Healthcare

One of the most useful healthcare innovations is the remote healthcare, especially for any senior member in your family. The home monitoring system can be used within the comfort of patient’s home, reducing the cost of visiting doctors. Using this small device, remote center can analyze patient’s health and alert them if something is wrong. Moreover, patients with pacemaker remote healthcare are much useful.

● App That Promote Productivity

is the time of digitization with smart technology flowing around
everywhere. Millions of people nowadays
experience the positive effects of productivity and brain boosting apps on a
daily basis. There are number of new ways that can monitor your personal
health. You can now track your daily sleep patterns, count calories; step
counts in a day, research treatment options and even you can monitor your heart

Agreeing to the fact that technology is paving the way to brighter future,

But is technology making us prone
to laziness and diseases?

Medical technology has described the wide variety of tools available to diagnose, treat, or manage health. Many of these technology advances in medicine have actually made our life much better, improved the quality of our life. But where there are pros there is cons too. It’s true that technology can negatively impact a person’s health. Nowadays employees sits many hours over there desk every day, as a result they experienced neck, shoulder, back pain. Moreover, according to me knowing this risk can help you become more knowledgeable in your own health and well being.

The impersonal care

If you see a health care provider who relies too much on technology may spend too little time getting to know the patient as an individual, because they are spending too much time interacting with the equipments. At the end it results in missing out symptoms of the patience which may not detect by the electronic device.

The negative effects

It’s true that invention of many technology has lead to life saving for many patients such as radiation therapy, surgical procedures etc. But in contradictory many devices also has risk for the patients. Even this is true for the simple procedure of taking aspirin, if taken inappropriately it can cause harm to patient body. So, in the field of medical, risk should be always consider first than the rewards.

Recently in an interview Attorney Stewart Cohen said 

“In Philadelphia number of individuals are injured or be in death bed due to medical professional’s carelessness. There team consist of experienced medical malpractice lawyer with resources.

When there is failure to diagnose, their law is always there to fight for the individual and also for their family to get compensation what they deserve”

Increased Cost

The advances in medical technology has also led to high medical expenses of the patient due to amount of money and research needed for marketing to bring the technology in to public, as well profit of manufacturer also seen. As the technology move forward, the cost generally goes up.

As we already know the new technology and innovation are leaving their stamp on every industry, trade and sector. It cut down any problem into simplified and solved solution. Moreover, there is no better application for breaking technology than in health care sector.

The point is that even if the technology has
impacted our health in negative ways, it also proved to have some incredible
positive opportunities and revolutions for the long term improvement of our