Effective companies today strive to create an integrated strategy for advancing wellbeing at work. Few have cracked the code, however, on building a wellbeing strategy that benefits individual employees, team and organization performance, customers, and societies all at once.

So, it was a delight to interview Sari Ek-Petroff, an executive committed to this high standard of wellbeing leadership. Sari is head of People and Leadership Development, Culture & Wellbeing at VTT Technical Research Center in Finland, a leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries.

Two years ago, VTT leaders redesigned the company strategy using a galvanizing question: 

How can we bring greater value to our customers and society? 

They realized a core expertise of the company—technology—could be a more compelling driver of wellbeing globally. As a result, health and wellbeing has become a central commitment of VTT’s services within the marketplace, as well as the operating culture inside the workplace.

What approach did they take, and what do they envision for the future? Enjoy my interview with Sari for all the details. She’ll inspire you for sure!


  • Renee Moorefield


    Wisdom Works Group, Inc.

    Renee Moorefield, PhD, MCC, is CEO of Wisdom Works Group, a social enterprise she cofounded in 1999 to build leaders, work cultures, and brands that empower people to thrive. She is on the Board of the Global Wellness Institute, plus she curates content for The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease, a global call to action currently touching close to 1,000 organizations and 7 million people. Renee leads Be Well Lead Well®, a science-backed assessment, development, and certification platform providing a whole-person approach to developing leaders and founded on the belief that our wisest leadership decisions will come from our deepest wellbeing. She's been featured in Forbes, Experience Life, Conscious Company, Hotel Executive, The CEO Magazine, Coaching World, and more, and her 2004 book Driven by Wellth combines the drive for wealth with wellbeing to cultivate healthier organizations and a well world.