Can you afford NOT to hire a wedding planner?

Wedding planners can be seen as a luxury benefit for the rich and famous, however wedding planners can actually help save you money whatever your budget, as well as providing a whole range of additional benefits which we’ll explore below.

I set up my business to help people. I have seen way too many brides feel stressed, not have the wedding of their dreams because they felt completely overwhelmed and not be able to fully relax and fully enjoy their day. This is just heartbreaking and I am passionate about helping those on all budgets, turn their vision into a reality without compromising on quality.

Saving you money

Qualified and experienced event managers will have strong negotiation skills, as well as having good relationships with suppliers enabling them to get better deals than you would be able to get. A good wedding planner would always pass on discounts from suppliers to their clients. Wedding planners will also be able to manage your budget throughout the whole planning process.

Saving you time

Organising a wedding can take up a lot of time which you may not necessarily have, especially if you run your own business or work a full time job. A wedding planner can take away some of the responsibility of researching suppliers and gathering together quotes, ringing and meeting with suppliers and answering emails, allowing you more time to enjoy your evenings and weekends, with your friends and family. Many wedding planners will have different packages to suit your requirements, from taking on the researching of venues and suppliers, to taking on some of the co-ordination to full wedding management packages.

Offering creative ideas and solutions

A wedding planner will take the time to get know you as a couple. Listening to how you want your special day to look, they will also offer creative ideas that inject your personality and personal style into your day. They can also offer creative and alternative solutions to meet your budget requirements.

Reducing stress and giving you peace of mind

When you hire a wedding planner, you will always have an expert on hand to answer any questions that you have and provide advice, help and guidance throughout the planning stages of your wedding.

As you get closer to the wedding there will be a lot of contact with suppliers, arrangements of delivery and set-up times and finalising details ensuring everyone knows where and when they need to be. A wedding planner will take away this stress and will be able to easily sort out any problems that may arise. A wedding planner will have excellent communication skills and therefore keep you fully up to date throughout the progress of the planning and help you with the scheduling of everything so you don’t need to worry about it.

You are able to use this time in the few weeks before the wedding to relax and book in spa treatments, concentrate on any hair and makeup trials that you have booked in, pack and sort out anything for your honey/mini-moon and of course, get excited about the day! If you are getting married away from home, you are able to greet your family and friends as they arrive instead of running around liaising with suppliers, picking up flowers, and finalising last minute details.

Your wedding planner will also be available on the day to help set-up the venue and be on hand to deal with any last minute problems professionally, as well as adding those unique special and personal touches, allowing you to concentrate on your special day.

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