This is an unprecedented time in history.

Everyone is uncertain and fears are running high. Health, wealth, business and most importantly people; our core foundations for society as we all ask the question “how will we survive this”?

This is the time to show who you are. To step out from behind your business and show your true colours.

This is where your story can save you.

The reasons why you are in business have never had more need to come forth and shine their light.

Your family, your employees, your colleagues, your shareholders and stakeholders, your suppliers, your customers. They need you. 

They need to hear your story.

They need to see the whites of your eyes. They need to know why what you’re doing is important to you, and they need to hear it from you. They need to know you care. That you’re all in this together, customer, supplier, retailer, manufacturer. Let’s talk, let’s speak our truths and tell each other that we matter, that we care, that no matter what happens we’ll do our best to be there for each other.

This is a time to remember that we are all people with basic human needs. To be seen, heard and recognised for who we are. Whether that’s an employee whose worried about their job, a founder or CEO worried about the company future, a freelancer worried about their next gig being cancelled. We all need to take a big deep breath, be present, address our own fears and hold space for the fears of those around you.

Because when you do wonderful things happen. Kindness and care appear where before there was fear. A sense that we as a community, a society, a species are greater together than apart. Our differences put aside when faced with something bigger than us all.

As a brand storyteller, my wish for you in this turbulent time is this. 

Step forwards and tell your story. Step up and show your team where you are, what your thoughts and ideas are, and ask for their help in how we can make the next few months work. Be visible. Be present. Show you are in this together side by side.

As Simon says (Sinek that is!) “it’s better we all suffer a little than some of us suffer a lot.” A sentiment that couldn’t be more timely and more true.

Stay strong, be open, and keep sharing your story.

Remind people why you exist as a business, and as a human being. Tell them what your intentions are today, tomorrow, next week, even as things change, communicate, share with openness and honesty, and as you do your story and your values will be visible for all to see. This is what builds a brand, taking bold action and leading with integrity even when it’s uncomfortable, even when you are scared yourself.

In a time of fear and uncertainty, being seen and showing others that you see them and will be there will ensure you stand out for who you are, a brand, a business and most importantly a person with a will to survive and thrive, but most important one that cares about the people that they can support and bring with them on their journey.

Lesley Stonier | Brand Strategy & Storytelling Coach