During my professional career in children’s television a lifetime ago, some of the most creative people that I ever met came from Canada.  There is no doubt Canadians have made a name for themselves in that industry as well as many others requiring right-brained innovation and input.  

So I wasn’t shocked when I was sent this incredibly unique review from a Canadian GENTLEMAN who read my book “Be Careful What You Wish For“.  I imagine that he might just be a writer too in some form or if not, merely “at heart” as his review couldn’t be more beautifully written or deeply touching.  And there is nothing traditional about it, beginning with a poem dedicated to the book and then an equally colorful review.  See for yourself:

I Couldn’t Read it !!
I couldn’t read it through the tears.

At times
My eyes so full they could not see
My heart so fallen it did not beat

And for that moment it Was me .

How could it be?
that only words could…

How could it be ,
How could it be


The words finding a long-forgotten place in me …a sacred space in me

Waking it,
Shaking it,
Into the Now.

N.J.C. (Author)

“There is a place in each one of us that believes in True Love .
Whether we find it in this world or not,
in our heart’s memory, sometimes long forgotten,
we Know it exists.

Our hearts can yearn for it,
our souls can learn from it…
but its magic comes alive in This world, only for a very few .

Gifted so, Laura Wellington shares
both the Magic and the Tragic in
“Be Careful What You Wish For” ,
so for a moment ,or forever, it can come alive in You !

Thank you Laura.”

Nelson Joseph Calfat

I was swept away for an entire day after reading that review on Goodreads as knowing that men are identifying with the book too at such a soulful level excites me.  I knew that they would if they happened to pick a copy up as “Be Careful What You Wish For” is a story about a man, husband, father, warrior, and hero just as much as it is about a woman.  Obviously from Mr. Calfat’s response to the book, he needed Kleenex near him while reading the book too.  Seems to be a common theme and something readers don’t seem to be prepared for as I’ve heard this many times now.  

If I wasn’t capable of inciting a tear or two from you, I feel, I would have failed you as a writer not to mention the very real life behind this body of work.  And although I have been told invoking such a response is a difficult thing to do, admittedly, I found it easy in this particular case.

I dipped my pen in honesty, courage, and vulnerability so as to give you the rare experience of doing the same amid your own memories, emotions, and journey.  Without those, my words would never touch so many so deeply.    

There is a language that we, human beings, speak at a level that negates our differences.  “Be Careful What You Wish For” speaks it.  I welcome all of you reviews, comments, and thoughts if you choose to find out for yourself.