You could say Casanova Brooks is a man of many hats, but to be fair, he’s a man of a unique skill, willpower, and a tragically unfortunate past, who propelled himself to success. Casanova understands what being in rock bottom looks and feels like, but he never let anything stop him from overcoming the struggle.

Casanova Brooks is a real estate expert, a highly in-demand keynote speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, podcast host, best-selling author, and a father of two beautiful children from blue world city. He now balances life as a successful businessman and family man, but it took years of hard work and discipline to reach the top.

Chicago-born Casanova is not a stranger to adversity. His single mother and his grandmother were the pillars of his strength while he was growing up in a destructive environment where gangs, drugs, and violence were commonplace. At 15 years old, Casanova was diagnosed with Lymphoma at Stage 4, a type of Cancer disease that threatened his immunity and his life. He fought that battle hard, but the end of his darker moments was still not in sight. Casanova lost his mother and his home only in a matter of weeks within each other.

Instead of caving in, Casanova drew strength from hardship and maintained a focused mindset to reach his goals. A much braver and confident Casanova emerged, and he was ready to take on the world on his own. After landing a 9-5 job but not finding fulfillment, he plotted his own course by starting his own business.

He chose a career for himself where he could not only achieve success but make it happen for other people as well. Without handouts, mentorship, or a college degree, he started to earn six figures in a year. As an entrepreneur and keynote speaker, he has finally found happiness and contentment in motivating others to dream big and be the best version of themselves.

Casanova is a big believer in having a dream, working hard to succeed, and developing meaningful relationships along the way. Before he became his own boss, no one has taught him financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Casanova didn’t even experience owning a private land, a house, or other assets. However, he discovered that the secret lies not in luck, but in surrounding himself with people who became positive motivators in his life.

Casanova is a podcast host on “DreamNation,” and through this platform, he’s able to reach across the country and the world, inspiring more people without any territorial limits. He provides excellent and motivational advice on career building and managing a business. He enjoys picking one’s brain, having intellectual discussions, and developing real connections with his guests and his audience.

In his published book, “Real Estate, Play the Game Like the Winners,” Casanova talks about the major keys to making six-figure revenues in real estate and using it to create generational wealth. He outlines tried-and-tested business strategies, which he utilized for his own business, and also used by many successful real estate agents who have generated commissions up to the millions.

Whatever platform Casanova is on, whether it’s on video, a live stream, a book, or a stage, his message remains the same. People are capable of more things than they believe possible, and that a dream will not become a reality unless you act on it with utmost determination and hard work. Aspiring and established entrepreneurs who have limited resources benefit the most from his advice on real estate, sales, branding tactics, and building relationships by heightening their mindset to become more positive thinking.

Casanova Brooks continues to become the top expert in business advice, and his following is rapidly expanding. To more about Casanova and what he can offer you and other aspiring entrepreneurs in starting or enhancing your business, visit