It was a Thursday night when my husband and I went to talk to the pastor at our church. I needed some extra advice on a really hard decision that we were trying to make. I have been on a path to speak about my story and advocate for survivor’s in any way that I could. Going to school and working at nonprofits really showed me the kind of work I wanted to be dedicated to. I was working at the state Attorneys Office and really loved my job only I always felt that something was missing. I really felt like I wasn’t advocating as much as I had hoped that I would be able to in the position.

When I was going through my trial my advocate was what kept me going and I wanted to be that strength for others. Working at the SAO was what I thought my dream job was. It did not turn out that way even though I am so grateful for the experience. While working from home during the pandemic it gave me a chance to reflect on what I wanted. I started looking for positions online and one called me back that was an amazing opportunity. Only issue was it was 7 hours away from where I lived. It was in Key West.

This position is a position that will give me a chance to help others and create services for the county by being the SART Coordinator. After the first interview my husband and I talked and it became a real possibility. Only him being active duty he wouldn’t be able to move with me for a few months after. Now, I was faced with the questions could this even be possible? Was it something I wanted that bad that I would be willing to move alone something I have never done? I don’t even like being alone in the house during the day and I am going to move 7 hours from my best friend and my babies?

Only God had a plan and he was putting into place and we didn’t even see it at first. It was like my whole life lead me up to this point and my husband who is amazing and so supportive said this was something we needed to do. Today, I am here alone and learning that I would have never grown as much as I am in comfort. Without taking the risk and believing in God that it would be worth it. My family will be joining me in a few weeks but I want to continue to write and reflect on the amazing things that are happening today because of a leap of faith and so much support.