Growing up in North Carolina, Aaron Ace Harris, couldn’t have predicted the timing of his recent business success. Harris couldn’t have imagined that during a global health pandemic and nationwide protests over frustrations about racial inequality, he — a Black business owner — would build his real estate marketing business to seven figures.

His results-driven real estate lead generation agency, Key Marketing Interventions, is five years old now.

But when Harris started his firm, he was fresh off of being fired from his $30,000 per year job. “That was the wake-up call I needed,” says Harris. “Being fired for being ‘too distracted’ at my former job lit a fire under me like nothing else could have and that flame has been burning ever since.”

Because Harris couldn’t get a line of credit from a bank to start his business, which is typical for many minority entrepreneurs, he used his own money taking a scrappy marketing approach. Inspired by one of his marketing professors at Western Carolina University, Aaron hustled to build his business from scratch.

As the firm began to grow and more realtors took notice of the results Aaron was getting for his clients, Aaron realized that he had a unique process that he could share with others. And his lead generation business was born.

Now he helps real estate agents and brokers generate a predictable stream of exclusive qualified leads using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, branding awareness, and proven sales processes.

The results speak for themselves: Aaron’s “done for you” advertising campaigns allow agents to generate their desired amount of real estate leads, resulting in appointments and predictable closings month to month. His is the only system on the market that actually guarantees closings.

Aaron Ace Harris

Opportunity Cost

In Aaron’s attempt to grow his business, he checked off many of the prerequisites for networking, referrals, and other cold outreach strategies. But he quickly realized that a one to one outreach approach would not be enough to predictably grow his business.

Plus, he felt overworked and wanted more time to spend with his family.

Aaron knew there must be a better way, so he started experimenting with paid traffic, and now has a one to many approach that provides an endless supply of prospects to his pipeline. This strategy is the same one he implements for his real estate partners to help grow their business.

Because of this experience, Aaron believes strongly that realtors should be in control of their entire sales process. “Traditionally, agents have been slaves to big-box lead generation companies. But with my system, realtors and brokers get access to their own marketing ecosystems.”

Aaron celebrates every success for every one of his agents. “When agents have the freedom to design the lifestyle they want, that is huge. I have agents who have been able to send their kids to college, take vacations they thought they could not afford, and pay off debt using my system,” says Aaron.

Your Network is Your Niche

What’s unique about the real estate industry is how much your network contributes to your personal success. It’s true to some extent for every business owner, but in the highly competitive real estate market, having a large group of people who know, like, and trust you is absolutely essential.

Aaron was fortunate enough to realize this early on, and built his business around that psychology. What really helped Aaron build his business to seven figures, though is his competitive spirit likely fueled from his collegiate track and field experience and his genuine desire to help people.

“I’ve learned in the years of being in business: Your network is only as good as the relationships you work to build. When the trust is there, the commitment will be there and you’ll be unstoppable.”

This results in a cohort of successful agents happy to sing Aaron’s praises. What better marketing could he ask for?

“Everyone wants to provide for their family and have their business succeed. My goal is to help as many real estate professionals as possible accomplish their goals, regardless of their skin color.”

Aaron Ace Harris is the CEO of Key Marketing Real Estate and is a devoted husband and father. He was able to grow his real estate marketing business to 7-figures during the pandemic. 

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