There’s a reason mindfulness has entered our collective rhetoric, of late. The practice, which focuses on bringing attention to the present moment, has received a good deal of media attention for facilitating stress and anxiety reduction – a welcome antidote to our fast-paced technology-induced emotional woes.

While most of us are more or less familiar with the fundamentals of mindfulness, as well as the benefits that can be gained through meditation, it can paradoxically be hard to find time in our busy schedules to unplug.

That’s why in this new series, we’ll be facilitating a collective mindfulness experiment through photographs. I’ve reached out to some wonderful photographers and influencers that have captured poignant moments, along with what they’ve learned through moment-based photography. I’ll share them here, with you.

The first submission comes from Caley Dimmock. Dimmock reminds us to approach our day with a childlike sense of wonder.

“I took this photo a few years ago while on a short trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon. I had been hyper-focused on the water when I noticed this little girl playing in the mud about 50 feet away from her parents. I found such satisfaction in just watching her be enveloped in the moment. It was so beautiful and reminded me that it’s important to find joy every day in the simplest of things. If only I could find her parents to give them this photo.”

Mindfulness Exercise

Today, commit to looking at your everyday scenery through the eyes of a child. For a moment, connect with the overlooked sensations of your environment – the warm feeling of your coffee cup, the smell of the rain, the colors of the fall trees. Notice the way your body responds to the various stimuli with a sense of gratitude.

For more moment-inspired photography by Caley Dimmock, follow Caley on Instagram. If you’d like to submit your own mindful moment photo, follow us at Capsure and post your submission to Instagram with #CapsureIt.