1.  Segall, since you were a child, you were captivating audiences. You have shared stage with the biggest stars including Donnie Osmond & Michael Jackson. Would you say that your ability to captivate audiences is natural or you have been trained over time?

Great question! In fact, the chapter I am working on right now for my new book “Captivate Them!: How To Become A Captivating Performer” deals specifically with this very subject. The answer to your question is “both”. My ability to captivate audiences is a combination of natural talent/ability/gifting and training. To be a captivating performer or speaker you really do need both but I will say this: training beats talent every day of the week. I think I mentioned this when I was with you last Wednesday: hard work beats talent every time. The most powerful combination is when you can take a person who is naturally gifted at captivating people and then add to it fantastic training and incredible work ethic. I believe I have the blessing and benefit of both: I know I have a gift and talent for captivating people but I have also worked (and continue to work) really hard when it comes to training.

2. Mr. Segall, in one of your recent keynote in Malibu, you shared with Malibu Toastmasters Club, the steps to become captivating speaker & performer. Would you share those steps one by one?

           Rick Segall as keynote in Malibu Toastmasters in The Sunset Restaurant

Even better, let me give you the names of each of my chapters in the book because these are the things you need to do and be in order to be a Captivating performer:

Chapter 1: Know Thyself — be brutally honest about what you can/can’t do

Chapter 2: Get Real — be authentic/genuine; never fake.

Chapter 3: Be Heatlhy — in mind, body, soul, and spirit

Chapter 4: Care Deeply — if it only benefits you, you shouldn’t be doing it

Chapter 5: Manifest Passion — love it or leave it

Chapter 6: Cultivate Imagination — expand your mind/connect w/ your subconcious

Chapter 7: Think Fast — improvisation is critical

Chapter 8: Make Em Laugh — humor is hugely important

Chapter 9: Master Storytelling — it’s a skill and you must learn this

Chapter 10: Revere Movement — body language, dance, etc, should be adored

Chapter 11: Work Hard — this beats talent every time. Combined w/ talent = WOW

Chapter 12: Keep Learning — remain humble and teachable

Any one of these things will make you a more Captivating performer. The goal is to become excellent at all of them

3. Mr. Segall, you have been a child star, you are a devoted family man, and successful businessman. Tell us about your secret to your success? What book do you recommend the most to your followers so they can attain similar success?

The secret to success is knowing what success means to you and then achieving that goal. Success is (and should be) a primarily subjective thing that is based upon your own sense of self-worth, purpose, destiny, and desires and who congruent your life has become and/or is becoming in relationship to those things. Success should never be based upon comparison with others or feeling a compulsion to meet the expectations set on you by others whether they be family, friends, or society.

There isn’t any singular book I would recommend to anyone prior to knowing what their definition of success is for them because if their definition of success is different than mine my recommendations will be of no use to them. For those whose definition of success is/are similar to mine, I offer the following and I don’t offer them as simply stand-alone books: I know they had their impact on me because of the order in which I read them and the season of life I was in at the time they were read.

  1. The Gospel of John
  2. “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman
  3. “Windows Of The Soul” by Ken Gire
  4. “Wild At Heart” by John Eldredge
  5. “How To Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie
  6. “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
  7. “Grit” by Angela Duckworth

Once you’ve read these, then you’re ready for these:

  1. “Choice or Chance: Understanding Your Locus of Control & Why It Matters” by Stephen Nowicki
  2. “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews
  3. “The 7 Decisions” by Andy Andrews
  4. “Bluefishing” by Steve Sims

And last but by no means least…this book:

“The 5-Second Rule” by Mel Robbins. This book is the book that showed me how to take everything I learned the previous books and actually apply them.

These books have been consequential in my personal development as I’ve journeyed this pilgrimage called “life” and I believe a big reason why they were/are so consequential is because of the order in which I read them.

4. How many hours do you sleep a day? 

Between 6-7. I always set my alarm for 7 hours but I seldom need it to wake me because I almost always awake prior to the alarm going off.

5. What is your regular routine to keep your success growing?

1. Sleep – check out the studies. Nothing is more critical to your brain function. I know how much sleep I need and I make sure I always 

2. Diet – Eat bad, feel bad. Eat right, feel right. Hydration is critical.
3. Exercise – 3-4 days per week, no less than 90 minutes at a time, start with 20 min of strong cardio and finish with weights but keep the cardio up (I never stop moving and am typically drenched in sweat when all is said and done. Kick your own ass.
4. Mental toughness/personal development – I protect my mind and am always learning, growing, expanding. This includes my relationship with God which is the single most important aspect of my life.
5. Never quit


Multiple award-winning public speaking champion and critically acclaimed actor Rick Segall began his career as a performer at the age of 4 when he was discovered and cast as Little Ricky on “The Partridge Family”. He grew up in the industry working extensively and on-goingly in Television, Motion Pictures, and Theatre. In 2002, he founded and directed the Harvest Academy Conservatory of Fine Art overseeing all aspects of student development in the arts and teaching Theatre. He is the writer, director, and sole performer of his critically acclaimed one-person play “Barbarian”: an 80-minute one-person play in which he portrays every character without the use of sets, props, make-up or costume changes. He is a Certified Master Trainer and the Creative Director for Captivating Speakers: a Los Angeles based public speaking company specializing in helping people discover, develop, and master their unique voice through the mastering of public speaking and acting skills. In 2017, he went to Vancouver, British Columbia as Toastmasters District 52 Champion and competed in The World Championships of Public Speaking. His first book “Captivate Them!: The 10 Attributes of Captivating Performers” will be coming soon. For more information, visit: http://ricksegall.com/


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