Genuine and professional journalism is the need of the hour. Journalists play an integral role in providing people with honest, accurate, and meaningful information. It enables people to make educated decisions and serves as a guiding light irrespective of the genre. Sergio Mariscal is a renowned journalist whose career focuses on cars. He shares his insights about journalism and how he merged it with his passion for automobiles. 

What does it take to become a journalist?

While a formal college degree isn’t a prerequisite, it is advisable to complete your bachelor’s degree in journalism before you take the plunge. While studying, internships help aspiring journalists understand how things work in the field. Journalism is immensely vast, and choosing your specialization is essential. Naturally, it makes sense to choose a genre that interests you, one that you are genuinely passionate about. From investigative journalism, celebrity journalism and sports journalism, to opinion journalism and science journalism, you will remain spoiled for choice. If you’ve grown up with an insatiable passion for sports, becoming a sports journalist would be the logical choice. To become a truly successful journalist, the most critical ingredient in the mix is passion. 

With great power comes great responsibility

In today’s world, the media plays a crucial role in spreading and disseminating information to the general public. Journalists have the power to communicate with a massive audience and thus inform and educate them about current affairs, news, political scenarios, etc. The advent of the internet and social media has further amplified the media’s reach. Journalism comes with an elaborate code of conduct. It is imperative to communicate effectively, create meaningful content, and convey information without distorting facts, figures, statistics, or information. It is the sole difference between genuine journalism and political propaganda. 

Technology and the evolution of journalism

Traditional forms of communication, such as newspapers, magazines, and radio, are being replaced as technology advances. Today people prefer reading the news online via mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. News organizations are facing a drop in the consumption of traditional media as they strive to monetize the digital segment. Irrespective of the specialization you choose, the digital realm plays an intrinsic role in reaching consumers effectively. Whether it’s a closely contested election or the launch of a brand new car, journalists need to be familiar with effective communication both online as well as off. 

Code of Ethics and Freedom of Expression

There are 242 codes of conduct spread across various regions around the world. Governments in each region or country have formulated rules and regulations which govern journalism. Countries like the USA offer the media a considerable degree of freedom as compared to a country like North Korea. Several factors, such as the socio-political environment and freedom of expression, come into play. While journalists or the media are not legally obligated to follow any specific code, certain elements remain constant across the globe. The tenets include honesty, truthfulness, accountability, impartiality, and the absence of any form of bias.

Passion and journalism

Passion is the single most crucial aspect of journalism. Sergio Mariscal has always had an enduring love of cars and automobiles. He merged his communication skills, entrepreneurial understanding, and passion for automobiles to become a successful car journalist. When you put your heart and soul into what you do, you can truly excel. You look forward to pursuing your work and derive deep-rooted satisfaction from it. Several journalists have changed the world with their work. From exposing malpractices to protecting the truth, their drive and dedication stemmed from an irreplaceable love for their craft. If you can merge your profession with your passion, you will forever experience true fulfillment, while success will follow in your wake.


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