Care giving is a real challenging job. Its just not as easy as its said . Care giving to the old , person is a job where we have to applaud the caregivers as its just as hard for the caregiver as it is for the old person being cared for. 

I am speaking from experience , I am an only child and had to take care of my mum who was 89 years old. My mum was a dementia patient , had a catheter , was a diabetic and could not walk . It was so tough when she first got into this state. I have always been a working person so for me this was an addition to my work line up. It was another item on my priority list. 

My mum turned for the worse almost overnight in 2014 July. She started forgetting and I did not realize this until I saw a change in her behavior. She had forgotten to eat , take medicines etc. She was admitted for 2 weeks at hospital and when she returned home she could not walk , was on a catheter and it was a total 360 degree turn for me. 

I took so long to adjust just as my mum had to adjust to her own limitations. It was sad and taxing for me as for her . I used to cry almost everyday as the exhaustion was taking a toll on my health. As I was the only child I was so tired and could not channel my anger and frustrations anywhere. It would have been so good to have a support network to help caregivers during this time as we need emotional support . Only if we are strong we can help people who depend on us.

I learnt this the hard way .I went through hell and back . I agve my mum the best care I could and ended up with health problems . I had to see a specialist as I was in my menopause stage at that period and having the stress of taking care of mum caused me to react and I started bleeding .I went through endoscope , scan , ultrasound to rule out cancer and it was noted as hormonal imbalance due to stress.

This is why I say caregivers must have a support system so that we can help each other to care for another . We need strength , understanding , someone to talk to , somewhere to pour out our pain or just to talk to. I have been through hell with no one and have moved forward .I still take care of my mum but I am more controlled now . I understand how care givers feel . I am here if you need to talk or just need advice .

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Please send drop me an email if you need to talk or pour out …believe me its not easy to take care of someone , all of you out there who sacrifice your life for people , taking care of others needs , in time of sickness especially the elderly……….Remember this you are AMAZING people , you need strength you need support and you need someone to hear you …. Always remember you are SPECIAL .