hair and bridal makeup courses

Celebrity Makeup –  Career Advice

Career in makeup and hairdressing is one of the newly found professions in the fashion industry. He or she specialises in enhancing person’s appearance by carving out any flaw with the help of cosmetic products. These professionals are characterised by their skill to create an appearance of the characters. This is now a days used for special effects for films, television, photography, and theatre. With sills like dexterity, makeup artists need to develop some personality traits too.

To enter this profession, a bent to understand and tastefully do the assigned job is necessary. Other than that, there is no set of academic qualifications that are necessary to become a makeup artist. Although, in today’s time, the requirement is so, that the industry demand for people who are passionate for the work and interested to make experiments in looks.

To polish the skills and enhance what the person is already equipped with, there are short term bridal hair and makeup course. As a makeup artist or a hair stylist, one can start as an assistant or apprentice to a reputed makeup artist in the initial days of career. During this time, one can get either On-the-job training which can be either paid or unpaid.

Makeup Artist: Make-up artists are artists who have the ability  in the application of cosmetics. With comprehensive practical study, these professionals built a good sense of colour and shades. While in this profession, there are several makeup artists who specialise in various makeup application techniques like airbrushing, light bending, theatrical, special effects, prosthetics or high definition.

People who have have the ability to work with actors/actresses, theatre productions, film sets and various media houses are highly paid in the industry. This is because the fashion industry is huge and majorly works in close connection with the media and entertainment industry. Other than this, after a bridal makeup course, the professional can work with beauty and styling salons. With glamour and advertising gaining importance, a majority of these professional are now in the modelling agencies and fashion designing industry as well. While being in such a profession, you can also become a columnist in a fashion, beauty or lifestyle magazine or start your own blog, where you can share your experiences and work, along with health and beauty tips

Hair Stylist: People today are concerned about their looks while they step out their house. Be it a social gathering of society or their colleagues or just a simple day at work, it is believed that good looks make the person command. Hair Stylists are professionals who understand the face cut, routine and physique of an individual and practice hairstyles that look good on the person. Earlier it was a far found thing as hair stylists used to work in the media and entertainment industry only. With people becoming aware about how looks are perceived in the present scenario, almost everybody looks forward to visiting a hair stylist.