When I initially started college, I thought I was going to be a teacher. I had taught at summer camps for years and loved children. I had older friends who were also teachers and aspired to make a difference in the world in the same ways they did.

About 3.5 years into my college education, I was in my practicum an elementary school classroom and quickly realized the expectations of the education field was not the impact I was looking to make. I was so far into my college education and was set on graduating with my friends and classmates. However, I followed my intuition and changed my course.

I changed my college path and decided to keep education, but as a minor with psychology as my major, leaving me a few courses shy of graduating. Despite my disappointment of not graduating as planned, almost 8 years later, I am deeply grateful I made that decision.

While many industries are suffering during the pandemic, the teachers I know who are still teachers during COVID19, are carrying a burden way beyond what they could have imagined. COVID19 has forced these same teachers to teach in potentially three different models: remote, in-person or hybrid, with little to no training about reaching their students in a meaningful way. I so admire the teachers who are forging ahead in this uncertain time, and am also glad I’m not in the trenches with them.

My change in career path led to me an administrative job right out of college, and ultimately into an interest in wellness, specifically, in alignment with my psychology major, the mental health industry.

Having benefited from mental health services myself, I discovered my passion for helping to run an organization that provides these services to the people that need it most in my community.

These series of choices and experiences taught me to listen to my intuitions as they will likely bring you great joy, passion and opportunities for growth.


  • Sarah Rudman

    Healthcare Operations Manager

    I have 7+ years of experience working on the business side of the outpatient mental health care practices. I've worked with every aspect of the business from intake to insurance. I'm currently a healthcare operations manager for a mental health and ABA therapy organization.