I was in my early 40s when I decided to transition my career. Thinking about a midlife career change can be frightening at that point. I recalled my fourth career change; my recent role before being a Coach was an HR Operations Specialist in a Tech company, and my daily life was being a typical early 40s cubicle-working lady.

I make enough money to support my life and save a little bit each month like most of us working from 9-5.  As an HR Operations Specialist, my role was to maintain an internal HRS system and ensure company policy implementation is well captured. Generally, it was not a bad role; however, internally, I’m wildly disconnected from my work and was not living in my happiness zone. I’m by no means a “bad employee.” I show up on time, get stuff done, actively contribute to my work and etc. But I just don’t feel the energy and living my full potential.

The role does not align with my inner value and my life mantra of “Passionate to bring back humanity in life.” I feel I dragged myself to work daily without feeling engaged and focused. I wondered if I can create a job where I am aligned with my value and flow, which yearns for a deeper human relationship beyond the system that I “talked” daily. Deep inside, I have a more significant calling, I always knew, I have the voice inside me that awaits to be heard. I yearn to inspire and guide others through my voice.

Naturally, I knew I need a change, but I’m having trouble systemically deciding “what I want to do.” I read a few career-change books: useless. I wandered through career-change posts: even more useless. I even attended one of those evening seminars on finding the right career: hopeless and 100 bucks evaporated. Not until I chance upon a coaching program (with Amy – back then was my coach and now my mentor).

I remembered clearly, my expectation through the coaching program was to “hire” someone to tell me what I can do, but what I received through the coaching process was neither that, instead of through the process, I uncovered my own story of who I am and have clarity on what is my calling.

I discovered; naturally, I have the talent to relate to people and tend to enjoy exchanging stories, be curious about them, and inspiring them at the same time. I reflected my friends and ex-colleagues used to tell me I should be in Training, HR development, Sales, Career counselor, Consultant, or a Coach. My unique talents relate me to one common theme of “communication,” “relatedness,” and “people development,” and it connects me with my higher purpose and mission to use these key talents to serve and transform the lives of many to their desire state.

 4 keys to making a successful career pivot that I can share from my own experiences as a Coach and being a Coachee are:

Recognizing your potential – Recognizing your natural talent and strengths and gathering the key elements, and identifying the theme are the first steps to pivoting your career. Knowing what drives you, what makes you “tick” is critical to career pivot. I recommend taking an assessment to enlighten you, not only on your strengths but also about yourself. Once you know your strengths, it will lead you to how or where you can serve.  

Align your goals with your values – Identify your goals aligned with your mission statement and choose to consciously examine how your actual values drive your decision. I.e., choosing to work late at the office over hitting the gym signal a high value of your work commitment over your health.

Forward and not away – When making a change, it is essential to identify any self-imposed thoughts, beliefs, and habits. This is not a process of escaping from a job that you are unhappy or having an overbearing manager, irritating colleagues, or ridiculous work hours; instead, this is a future based decision that should lead you to your forward vision 

Take a conscious action – Recognize what you can and can’t control, and do things with a purpose, allows you to have a clear understanding of what is happening and why it is happening. Consciously choosing your action is a technique for dealing with expected and unexpected challenges. The approach will lead you to a more promising opportunity.

Through my coaching program, I make my career pivot happen successfully. In the past, I self-doubt. Now I believe in my potential. I stepped up from that big shit hole to a big, bold decision. I stepped into the possibilities that I couldn’t have imagined before. I was able to tame the self-limiting beliefs. I stepped out and surprised myself and told the world what I am mean to do.

Use your natural talent, identify your strengths, and discover how your past experiences and skills can help you pivot. Our potential is of no boundaries; every time we pushed against our capabilities; they expended.