In the heart of Antigua luxuriates Carlisle Bay, a resort of quintessential Caribbean beauty — and a place that answered Zoe Nash’s question. What would it be like to live in a state of optimum health? The property is emblematic of Zoe’s philosophies: a space to restore wellbeing and provide tools so guests can continue to practice wellness throughout the rest of their lives.

The resort is perched on a horseshoe bay where white sand collapses into lush jungle, and it has become a celebrity favorite retreat due to its privacy and location. An escape made for relaxation and covetable views, Carlisle Bay features an organic spa, nine tennis courts and regular mindfulness retreats, with yoga and meditation sessions led by Zoe and an on-island team.

At Carlisle Bay, Zoe, an expert in holistic healthcare, uses wellness therapies like massage, Reiki and acupuncture to empower others. “My mission is to inspire my clients and guests to care for themselves skillfully and compassionately in order to inhabit their highest, most vital expression,” she says. Prior to Antigua, Zoe worked at renowned resorts including Niyama, La Reserve and Aman, and recently served as the Wellness Immersion Manager of Amanzoe in Greece.

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Zoe shares her insights into why self-care allows us to become our best selves and how we can tap into our vitality, whether at a Caribbean escape or at home.

You’ve worked with some of the top resorts in the world. What drew you to providing your therapies at Carlisle Bay?
Guests get to have a luxury holiday experience as well as a retreat. They can enjoy the beautiful 5-star rooms, food and service while still focusing on their wellness. Guests can bring their family for a holiday and have an added opportunity inside their vacation to regain their health and wellbeing. The yoga pavilion is positioned in a secluded spot, nestled into the rainforest, looking out over the ocean. Morning meditations feature warm sun, while the cool breeze from the rainforest keeps you refreshed during your yoga practice. Fresh and healthy food is sourced locally. Guests are invited to invest in their health, wellbeing and peace of mind.

Photo Credit: Beth Doane

Your career is founded on helping others feel their best. How has practicing wellness benefitted you in your personal life?
I feel energized, clear and inspired by life! Yoga keeps me centered throughout the ups and downs of life we all experience. It is my anchor, my reset and my resource. It creates resilience, and it also helps reduce stress and promotes true joy and peacefulness. Acupuncture helps me stay young, healthy and pain-free!

When did you first know you wanted to work in hospitality, and what was your career trajectory like?
I’ve always known I wanted to work in hospitality! I started studying holistic treatments when I was 16 years old, which was 20 years ago now. I then went on to study Chinese medicine and from there my life continued to unfold as I learned to teach yoga, and I traveled the world. I found myself naturally combining all my modalities into wellbeing retreats, guiding people back to balance and vitality through the combined, holistic practices of energetic medicine, movement medicine and healing arts, meditation for the mind, and dietary and lifestyle advice.

Photo Credit: Beth Doane

We’re in a time when wellness matters more than ever. What is the biggest challenge you see guests having with their wellbeing, and how do you use your time together at Carlisle Bay to help them?
I think they struggle with how to apply wellness practices at home and integrate changes or insights into their life. This immersive experience will give guests the tools to continue carrying the gifts of the retreat after the trip and into their daily life.

What are three of your most essential wellness tips?
Spend time in nature — aim for 20 mins a day minimum. Drink warm lemon water in the morning upon waking. Find balance between activity and rest.

What is your favorite quote?
“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Photo Credit: Beth Doane


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