Most smart entrepreneurs now understand the importance of having a brand, especially online. Competition is at an all time high, and if you’re not branded well… good luck standing out in a sea full of competitors and businesses trying to steal your clients from you.

However, there’s one big problem…

If you look around, you’ll notice that a lot of entrepreneurs have built brands that are disconnected from who they are. And their followers feel that something is off. See, having a brand that is incongruent with your personality and set of values can actually hurt your business and make people doubt you.

With that said, how do you build a brand that is truly aligned with you as a person? And how do you use your brand to attract new clients like bees to honey?

Here to answer that for you is Carol Hampshire. Carol has been recognized as one of the go-to designers who create a “soul aligned brand”. She designs brands that are fully aligned with who you are, bridging the gap between your business and your ideal clients. During her 24 years in the design industry, Carol helped anyone from startups to 7- figure businesses brand themselves the right way.

On top of that, Carol is also a coach herself and she’s using all of her skills to deliver top quality work. In other words, when working with her clients, she’s able to dig deep and ask the right questions. She uncovers what kind of brand you really want to build, a brand that’d make you proud, that’ll energize you and that’d wake you every morning out of excitement… Then, after getting clear on your vision, she crafts unique designs that make your new brand stand out.

As you can see, the first step in creating your “soul aligned brand” is to get clear on who you really are, and what you (really) want out of life and business. Then, after laying out your strategy, you need to have unique content and graphics created for you to truly reflect your personality and what you stand for.

If you want to learn more about Carol, what she does and how she could possibly help you build a brand that is aligned with your values and your vision, then check her out on instagram by clicking here, and visit her website