When I contemplate the recent elections in America, I am not wanting to see it as 70 Million are awake and 70 Million are delusional. I want to see it as 70 Million are going to be humble to change their mind when radical truth with proof is presented to them, and they get guidance from their higher self and not the ego. If we are unable to change our minds about ourselves, we will not heal emotionally to know freedom. If we are unable to change our minds about people, we will stay in an abusive relationship or lose the possibility of great love.

It takes courage and humility to awaken.

It helps to know we may go through the stages of grief as we awaken to the truth about whom we voted for. We are trusting creatures and we love to feel safe through hive thinking. However, hive mindedness does not give us absolute truth and inner freedom. Emotional healing and awakening do.

What if this human experience is about our awakening to everything inner and outer that is out of balance? Do we have the courage with humility to be wrong so we can be in alignment with our Higher Self? Yes. We are powerful consciousness in a human body for a greater experience of our limitless and multidimensional self.