I started taking Microsteps as part of the pilot group of the Thrive app for the Western Region at Northwell Health. One of my favorite Microsteps is to visualize a person, place, or thing that I’m grateful for. Since I started practicing it, I’ve noticed that I start each day with a more positive outlook. Recently, I scheduled another mid-morning Microstep that simply reminds me to pause, breathe, and refocus. I’m juggling so many responsibilities every day and I tend to forget about myself and do things that will help me be the best version of me. 

I told my immediate team and some other people I work with about this breathing Microstep. They seemed a little surprised that I was reminding myself to breathe — they thought, “Doesn’t that just happen automatically?” My response to them was, “Yes, we all breathe, but being intentional about it has changed the way I approach everyday life. Just taking a moment or two to pause and focus on your breath really sets you on a positive path forward.” I encouraged them to give it a try and some have circled back to say, “You know what, it does work!” It’s simple and effective — and more importantly, it’s impactful.


  • Cathy Mignone

    Director, Human Resources, Northwell Health

    I joined Northwell in May of 2011 so I’ve just passed my ten year anniversary.  It’s unbelievable how quickly time goes by.  I’ve lived in Valley Stream for over 20 years and absolutely love the culture and diversity of my community.  I’m very proud and grateful to have recently finished my Master’s degree in Human Resources Management with the support of Northwell’s tuition reimbursement program. As a Director of Human Resources a significant part of what I do is foster relationships to ensure team members are positively engaged with their work, their managers and the organization.  This happens by bringing forth programs and services to promote fair and ethical practices, strong employee/labor relations, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, recognition, workforce strategy, and professional development.