Logic is concerned with the empirical patterns in reason, which can help tell us if a proposition is true, or not. Simple logic for discernment ultimately asks/implies if causality is a pattern of (complete/cyclical) reciprocal validity, also popularly misunderstood as invalid/subjective circular reasoning. Forms of chance like karma, luck, etc are illogical scapegoats[1] when applied to accountability for potentiality of choice in causality. Cause and effect (Causality) is an order (as absolute law) that is logical circular reasoning; validly empirical and visible to all. Life is a cyclical chain of linked events.

‘Selfless… is responsible for the valid Human Nature pattern as ‘Eternal Optimism… that is under academic review. Therefore, it is a necessary duty to provide the valid definition of Love to the public, prior to academic review completion and educational implementation.

(Ultimately,) When is passion for Hope, Love, Happiness (sex etc.), not fueled by the tangibly identified variable of our choice 1st (as Hope) for purpose? _Causality validates absolute 3as1

Ps. What greater success can you have in life other than understanding the (valid) definition of Love to facilitate an exponential offset for global peace?

For any individual beyond/outside the stage of academic implementation is the following edition:

Official Amazon ‘Selfless… (U.S) page: (“Academically-Commercial”) 2nd edition Kindle & Esp version: Amazon ‘Selfless… page w/ publishers and editions. http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B009BUDMSW

Amazon Kindle Digital (w/ Audible version) country links: (Each individual country purchaser can translate the entire text from the English version to the chosen according language as necessary via according device as available.)

Who benefits the most when all contributed investments (Time and “E.O” text tax sales) empower each country’s treasury exponentially (at all levels, micro/individual to macro/national but ultimately global.) to offset the tax system to cause an (“ROI”) of surplus?

Only “E.O” provides each country its own opportunity for “Empowerment of Surplus” at all levels through its “Unique-design combination” beginning with:

(Heart vs Mind) If we want the best for ourselves, we should treat others the same to offset an empowerment of peace globally.

Ps. Amazon is used for the “Academically-Commercial” edition because of its global sale-delivery efficiency. Truth is absolute and transcends any temporal barriers always. Is your socio-cultural norms, religion/non-religious belief your chosen scapegoat or do you continually seek to get an understanding?

(Key Fact) The actuality of the revolving pattern for the “Oxymoron Appreciation” purchase value, means that “E.O” is the only item that will provide continual revenue as a “consumer need” in “appreciation-value,” unlike the mere want of gold by countries for economic Central Bank leverage.

“Global Contributions” (Link Intro):What “E.O” (Exempt Organization) facilitates an “Empowerment of Surplus” globally for both quality and quantity in a non-discriminatory manner using the “limitless” power of (‘Selfless…) “Love?” (A brief in part of the legally valid IRS determined ‘Selfless… Inc. global contributions.) Consequently: Ultimately, ‘We… facilitate “Happiness” and cause “Empowerment of Surplus” as a forum for charitable, spiritual, educational, social, economic development etc, on the micro/individual level to the macro/national level, but inevitably globally. As an IRS determined 501(c)(3) “E.O” ‘We… operate from the premise that although there are many religious/non-religious beliefs, there is only one human nature pattern (a truly beneficial “E.O” to all). “Love” is a choice of free will that is built on “blind trust” as “Hope.” Therefore, only one “E.O” has a “Unique-design combination” that causes the facilitation of “Happiness” via “Empowerment of Surplus” at all levels. (“Global Contributions”) https://www.facebook.com/notes/selfless-inc/selfless-global-contributions-valid-surplus-gifts/757205764336809

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