Professional athletes are becoming more interested in natural treatment methods for alleviating their pain, swelling, and other forms of inflammation. These types of symptoms are often the result of injuries incurred while playing sports.

The problem? Athletes no longer trust pain medications because of their side effects and addictive properties.

They’d rather turn to a natural treatment source like CBD oil which has more benefits and no side effects. I recently learned about the power CBD brings to athletes, with respect to health benefits and of course, branding. cbdMD is a company that recently partnered with Ice Cube’s basketball tournament, the BIG3, making landmark strides in the industry.

Back in April, Ice Cube’s the BIG 3 basketball tournament, announced a partnership with cbdMD to become the Official CBD Partner of the Big3. As a result, cbdMD became the first business entity to have their company mounted on the league’s jerseys.

Founded by Caryn Dunayer and Scott Coffman, cbdMD grows its hemp on farms in the United States without the use of pesticides or other unnatural chemicals. This allows their hemp to stay nutrient rich, which ensures better quality CBD extracts.

Athletes have experienced the benefits of CBD purity firsthand because it helps alleviate and heal painful symptoms much faster. But that’s only the beginning of what cbdMD’s products have done for athletes. 

The major benefit with the BIG3 partnership, is that this is the first professional league to allow CBD in professional sports.

Like BIG3, cbdMD is a company of firsts,” said Dunayer. “cbdMD is the first CBD company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: American).”

According to the co-founder, the company recently changed its ticket symbol to YCBD, as well as becoming the first CBD company to advertise in Times Square.

On Sunday, the company announced another unique partnership–this time, with Bellator MMA, an American mixed martial arts promotion based in California, and one of the largest MMA promotions in the world.

cbdMD will have the branding rights inside the Bellator cage, adding another exclusive partner to Scott Coker’s promotion.

We’re excited to have our company represented in the cage alongside some of the fiercest competitors on the planet,” said CMDMD President Caryn Dunayer. “Our partnership with Bellator and Viacom/Paramount will facilitate a unique opportunity to educate athletes and fans about the many benefits of CBD. We believe we’ve started a lasting relationship that will help push both industries into the future.”

The problem with most traditional medications is that they require athletes to have a longer recovery time. That is why athletes are eager to find natural treatment alternatives which allow them to recover fast and physically perform at the same time. Strength and endurance mean everything to an athlete. If pain or inflammation limits these attributes, then it can be devasting for their careers and overall well-being.

cbdMD has introduced several types of CBD products for athletes, including gels, lotions, creams, drops, and ointments. Some of the most effective CBD products for athletes are the topical ones, such as the creams and locations.

Although ingesting CBD oil is great for enhancing internal health, athletes that want faster pain relief are turning to CBD-based topical solutions. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, topical creams infused with CBD help alleviate pain and swelling rather quickly. In fact, most athletes feel better within minutes after the CBD solution is applied to their skin. 

The CBD topical treatment properties go deep into the body. Any athlete suffering from arthritic pains, backaches, muscle aches, or stiff joints can find comfort from CBD-infused creams. Of course, these treatments must be formulated by a trustworthy CBD company. cbdMD has emerged into the athletic scene as one of the most trustworthy CBD vendors for athletes. The best part is that their products can be purchased right over the internet.

So, if an athlete is traveling somewhere and needs a refill on their CBD creams or lotions, then they can just order more from cbdMD. The company will then ship their order to whichever location they’re currently at. How cool is that?

It is important to choose cbdMD products which are 100% organic and natural. For an athlete, they cannot afford to use any products with GMOs, THC, or gluten in them.

Since cbdMD only grows organic hemp, athletes can have peace of mind knowing that no dangerous chemicals will be in their CBD products. This enables them to conduct the best performance possible by maintaining a healthy body and mind. And if an athlete is feeling stress and anxiety about a big game, CBD oils can help settle their nerves by alleviating those symptoms too.