“How much do you love me?”

Love has no units of measurement. It neither has a joining date nor a relieving date. It is just that feeling that makes one feel whole. In life, some relationships gift us love in great measures. Others are just so momentary that it doesn’t last. But what remains constant is love. Love has no definitions or parameters but, in the end, love is free and beautiful.  Let’s dig into the different shapes of love.

Love Within Lines

There is love within lines. They say, “Everything is fair in love and war”. It surely is but sometimes love has more to do with respect and is sensitive. Why love has to cross all the lines? Why not love gracefully and let love be? Sometimes in life, few relationships are delicate and can cause worries or troubles in others life. It is then when love from a distance helps love grow and spread happiness around. There is
beauty and grace in love within lines.

Make Your Own Love Angle

There is an angle in every love that happens in life.  Every love relationship has a new dynamic and the degree of love differs from one relationship to the other. What matters the most is the quality of love two people share and how they make each other feel about themselves. So instead of ‘loving to an extent’ or ‘loving like they do’, why not make your own love angle that is unique and basic. There is a reason why things happen in life. So, enjoy the angle you are in and let it be beautiful the way it is because in the end it’s ‘love’ and it will always be giving no matter which degree it reaches to.

 Oops, a Triangle!

In a relationship, ‘relationshits’ happen. This is a very common shape of love- “the love triangle”. Most of us must have been in a love triangle at some point of time in life, knowingly or unknowingly. Now what, it has already happened. It’s okay to be in love with someone who loves someone else. Love is meant to be free and love is not meant to be achieved. If it creates chaos and puts our peace of mind in pieces, why hold on, instead, just let go.

Equals Make a Square

Everything is equal in a square. The angles, straight lines, length, breadth, diameter and just everything. Let everything in “love” be equal. The responsibilities, good, bad, baggage, fears, decisions and feelings. Let both the individuals feel equal in a relationship and equally be involved to build the bond because love isn’t just found; it is built.

 Love is a Circle

The circle goes around without an end and love bears the same pattern. Every love is a beginning as well as an ending. Love is a circle whose center is everywhere and circumference is nowhere. The more we love, the more we learn. It comes to full circle.

The bottom line is to just let love be and not measure its extent or degree. Every relationship doesn’t have the same ending yet it’s beautiful in its own ways.

So, make your own angle of love with few dignified lines where you feel square in everything you do and ignore the triangles that come along the way because, in the end, you are in a love circle– that goes around, and comes around.