Although Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month dates back to the late 1970s, it took more than a decade to establish May as a month dedicated to honoring the AAPI community. They spent the 1970s trying to persuade local, state, and federal policymakers that they had issues that needed to be addressed. 

With community festivals, government-sponsored activities, and educational activities for kids, communities honor the achievements and contributions of Asian and Pacific Americans and celebrate AAPI Heritage Month. 

This Month acts as an important opportunity to improve the community’s living standards. The month marks the AAPI diaspora’s incredible cultural diversity and vibrancy and raises awareness about these communities’ particular issues.

Goodera has created a list of nonprofit organizations dedicated to raising awareness of AAPI Heritage Month and assisting those in need. Take a look and consider supporting the campaign.

1. FACE serves as a bridge between the Asian American community and the greater community 

FACE (Faith And Community Empowerment) connects and fosters private and public collaboration, allowing faith-based organizations and other community non-profits to reach their full potential. They also help low-income people revitalize neighborhoods by increasing access to resources and funding. 

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2. My Sister’s House serves Asian and Pacific Islanders impacted by domestic violence

My Sister’s House provides a culturally appropriate and responsive haven, job training, and community assistance to Asian and Pacific Islander women and children victimized by domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. The organization offers a support group, a 6-bed haven shelter, and a 24-hour multilingual crisis line.

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3. Little Tokyo Centre provides services for Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans

For Japanese immigrants and Japanese-Americans in Los Angeles County, the nonprofit provides child care, counseling, senior assistance, and youth services. They provide for people’s basic needs while also fostering community. Individuals’ and families’ lives are generally improved through culturally responsive social services, housing, and community development.

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4. Asian Women for Health working together to remove systematic barriers

The organization addresses individual, community-wide, and systematic barriers that affect Asian women through education, advocacy, and support. The organization envisions a world where Asian women are well-informed, have access to quality care that is culturally appropriate, and are motivated to lead healthy, happy lives.

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5. Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community(CBCAC) empowers the Chinese American Community

Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community brings together the resources of its members to empower Chinese American communities in the Chicago area. The CBCAC accomplishes its objective through civic education, issue advocacy, policy communication, and community mobilization.

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6. Welcome to Chinatown addresses the needs of the Chinese American Community

Welcome to Chinatown amplifies and addresses the needs of the Chinese American community and entrepreneurs. They provide a free platform for the Chinese American community to gain momentum. Also, they provide the resources necessary to create a new revenue stream at an unprecedented rate.

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Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with Goodera

As recorded by Stop AAPI Hate, a coalition working on behalf of Asian Americans, there has been a significant increase in hate crimes and xenophobia directed at Asian Americans since the breakout of COVID-19 and the subsequent pandemic. Despite many organizations working towards upliftment for AAPIs, this situation persists.  In light of this, the celebration of AAPI heritage month becomes more critical as it acts as a platform to spread the word. 

Goodera contributes to this cause by highlighting these organizations and connecting them with corporate volunteers eager to help.

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