I love diversity and the richness of different perspectives. I also love looking in the direction of the essence who we all are. It seems to me that whenever I look in that direction life gets simpler and lighter. I have noticed recently different conversations about the right way to look and point in this direction. They have the feeling for me of: “I know better than you. This way is better than that way. You can’t say this. You should do that.”

So many rules. And for what? None of us have it right. What is being pointed to cannot be expressed in words. How can there be a right way and a wrong way? Instead, I celebrate and encourage anyone who is sharing their experience of looking in the direction of their true nature in service to love and understanding. Whatever that looks like. 

What matters to me is the feeling and intention from where I come. I know I am not going to get the words right. I am going to make mistakes. There are pretty much always typos in my blogs, and I am so grateful to those who help me by pointing them out. I don’t really think too much about the words because I know they aren’t it. I know it doesn’t really matter what I use to point to the source of who we all are. I am not important and what I am using to point is not important. You are it. I am it. So we can’t really go wrong.

The words are always going to be a poor substitute for the essence of who you are. But they might point you in that direction, and you might look. Not because the words are right, but because you want to look. You want to feel all of who you are, both the form and formless. They are one and the same.

I don’t really care if someone points in the direction of true nature using the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed, Advaita Vedanta, the Torah, Great Spirit or using another spiritual tradition, even secular ways such as Existential Philosophy, Physics, Astrology, Music, Psychology are fine with me. I don’t care about the form of what is being used to point with even if it doesn’t resonate with me. I just love that there are an infinite number of ways to point in the direction of truth eventhough none of them are truth.

Garret Kramer asked recently in a FB post, “Are we 7.5 billion separate selves who possess consciousness, or are we 7.5 billion agencies of a single Consciousness?”

I am in the camp of us being 7.5 billion agencies of a single Consciousness. I don’t ever expect all 7.5 billion expressions to share and see things in the same way. But what I do hope for is there can be love and understanding between as many of those transitory agencies as possible for as long as possible. We are all expressions of the same source. How can any of us be wrong?

That does not mean I agree with all expressions. The love of our true nature can appear to me to be refracted beyond measure when it comes to violence, bigotry, and other atrocities, but even though I don’t agree, who am I to judge? Would I not do the same if I was in those same circumstances with the same understanding? All of us are doing the best we can with what we understand in the moment.

The unfolding of my understanding is not in my control. I do not choose what I see or my resulting ability to express love into the world. All I can do is be and do from there.

I will be the first to admit that my way is flawed and misses the mark when it comes to truth. But I love that I have the willingness to share it anyway, and I celebrate everyone who speaks their personal truth no matter whether I agree or not. I hope I am an example of how you don’t have to have it figured out and you don’t have to be perfect to move forward.

My encouragement to you is to not hold back. Even though our true nature cannot be understood by our personal minds or explained in words — you know it. You can share what you see and put it out there. Let your voice join the chorus and let us experience your view. Let it be messy. Let it be imperfect. Let it be half-baked. Just go for it. These are only assessments — not truth.

Don’t hold back! Your unique view is valuable. You are valuable. I want to hear from you and witness your expression. My life is better for that. Share with the world what lights you up!

It doesn’t matter if people judge you. People judge me as a fool. Tell me I am wrong. Shame me for my limitations. Cast me aside as an idiot. The beautiful thing is that none of this matters unless I make it matter. And even when I make it matter that is only temporary and not a problem.

As Rumi’s poem says, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there”.

Let’s play there!

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