Nelson Mandela is synonymous with the fight for equality and freedom. His journey as an anti-apartheid activist has inspired millions to stand up and fight for their rights. To honor the man who stands as a symbol of resistance against oppression, the United Nations declared Nelson Mandela’s birthday, 18th July, as Mandela Day in November 2005.  

In honor of Mandela Day, individuals are encouraged to take charge and make a difference in their surroundings. To commemorate this day, the ’67 minutes campaign’ was launched. As part of the campaign, individuals are encouraged to indulge in welfare activities for 67 minutes, one minute for each year Mandela fought for social justice. 

Goodera has created a list of nonprofit organizations working with the philosophy of Nelson Mandela to create a better society. Have a look and consider lending your support to the cause. 

1. Black Connect is striving hard to improve the black community’s financial status 

In order to eliminate the racial wealth gap in America, the organization helps establish more black-owned businesses. The organization was established in 2019 as a charitable arm of, the only black-owned business and social networking site. Their services include mentoring, legal help, marketing support, strategic planning, and funding. The organization envisions a world with thriving black communities. 

2. Infinite Family is making mentors more accessible

A global mentoring organization founded by Amy Stokes in 2006, Infinite Family uses technology to enable adults worldwide to share their experience and expertise in places where role models are scarce. Through volunteer video mentorship, they encourage mentees to build resilience, resourcefulness, and responsibility for economic stability. The program offers teens and pre-teens the opportunities, skills, and global perspectives they need for a better future.

3.Girlcode is empowering women and girls with the help of coding 

With a mission to empower 10 million women with tech skills by 2030, GirlCode aims to empower women from different backgrounds. Their programs include weekend coding clubs for high school girls, hackathons, and online coding boot camps. Through their network of partners, they also provide career coaching and job placement services.

4. Ikageng Itireleng AIDS Ministry is using health and education to alleviate poverty 

Ikageng Itireleng means ‘help them help themselves’, the mantra that the organization follows. AIDS has ravaged the lives of thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children, leaving them in a state of devastation. Ikageng aims to relieve some of the pressure and despair these children face by providing them with food, accommodation, educational needs, transportation, life skills, skill development, etc.

5. Afrika Tikkun promotes transformative development 

Afrika Tikkun is a South African organization established in 1994 to empower and develop young people in underprivileged communities. Using its flagship Cradle-to-Career 360° model (C2C), the organization addresses child poverty and youth unemployment through personal, leadership, and academic development, as well as nutrition, health, and social needs.

6. Grassroot Soccer is fostering safe spaces for the youth through soccer 

The organization is harnessing the power of soccer to look after a vulnerable age group; adolescents. Using a 3C model, they use soccer to create a safe, non-judgmental environment where young people can ask each other questions, share their health concerns, gain knowledge about healthy practices, and support each other. Furthermore, their ‘Care Coaches’ engage the children in active learning, a process that contributes to a sense of resilience and confidence.

7. Beyond the Vision is working to improve the lives of vulnerable children

Beyond the Vision, the initiative serves at-risk, vulnerable children through education, particularly in Tassia, Nairobi, and Kenya. In addition, they provide food, counseling, mental health programs, and mentorship programs for the children and youth.

Goodera contributes to this cause by highlighting these organizations and connecting them with corporate volunteers eager to help.

Celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day with Goodera

As we reflect on Nelson Mandela’s life, let us also set a goal for ourselves to make the world a better place by fostering cooperation, peace, and unity. Let us create an environment conducive to meaningful interactions between people of different cultures and religions and stand against any form of unfair discrimination. Above all, let us continue to work together in order to ensure that the values of Nelson Mandela will live on forever.

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