Q: “What are some ideas of how I can celebrate my sisterhood with the women in my life?”

I love this question because just recently I’ve reconnected with some friends that I’ve had for like 15 years. We spent a lot of time together when our babies were infants, we’d go strolling every day and then our children started going to different schools and we saw each other more holidays and birthdays, et cetera.

But our kids are getting older and we’ve reconnected again. I’m staying in a cabin. They came out, we had so much fun. We did hiking, we ate chocolate chip cookies, we did face masks, we watched the World Series, we sat out on the deck, we got one girl’s pictures for her online profile. We just had so much fun.

There’s challenges. There’s challenges with all of our lives and we’re a very safe space to be together. What I would say, is create a getaway. Create time. Create activities that allow you to be heard and to get out all the stuff that’s inside you and you really want to be heard by somebody that doesn’t judge you. Isn’t going to fix you, right?

That was so much fun, that they’re coming out again in a couple of weeks and we researched this place where we can go to a thrift store, where if you get there at 7:30 in the morning, that’s when the big dump is and all the new stuff’s going to show up. Then we’re going to go to the spa, work out, get massages, lay by the pool. It’s going to be awesome.

We’re making it a priority to connect on a more regular basis and I think the main thing to realize, is that unless you actually make the time, which means you’re not going to be there for somebody. Your husband, your kids, your job. We only have so many hours in a day and we divvy it all up and if you want to add something to it, something else is going to have to move. And that’s okay.

It’s very important, I believe, to get super clear with whose in your inner circle and who’s not. Very clear with where you get your biggest bang for the buck to replenish and restore yourself, and where you don’t, where you’re saying yes when you really mean no. And that it’s okay for things to ebb and flow and change, like what sisters you’re going to be hanging out with now, may be the same as 15 years ago and may not, and there’s nothing right or wrong with that. Just who lights you up, right? Choose those people.

I think it would be fantastic for you to have some other cool conversations and topics to bring to your sisterhood weekend, which I hope you plan very soon. All right. All my love to you.

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