Having those moments of success feels, oh, so good! Its that breath of release. A pleasurable release that one has accomplished a long-awaited task. A person feels reinvigorated with life, knowing that they have produced something into fruition. It is especially fulfilling when a project has taken days, weeks, months, or even a year to come into completion. For many of us superly motivated types, one success propels us to work harder. Moving on to a new task, an even larger challenge, at that.

Achieving something has an addiction. Yes, it can be healthy! With one task or project, in completion, one sets their sights on the next, and the one after. Building more momentum, which is needed to ensure that the next line-up of projects, too, reaches that point of fruition. Moving harder, stronger, and more consistent than ever before, high achievers don’t mind the work because the results, prestige, respect, and rewards, are. . .well worth it!

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(Source: www.freepik.com)

While all of that is fine and enjoyable, there is this little thing called. . .time. Time is natural! Time is ever present. And, should we fall into the bad habit of de-valuing her, with the tendency of rushing through, its existence will slow us down. Time wants us to enjoy her, to feel every moment of her Being. Natural timing is balanced. There are rhythms of the Earth, which are connected to that beat. Humanity, in our rigorous work ethic, thinks that we can override and conquer time. Ah! The human ego is alive, and consistently. . .at work! The phenomenon of time is that it is always intertwined with work. If we allow ourselves to keep the two interlinked, we come to observe, that we can be more productive, in this regard. More things get done, when we slow down.

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(Source: www.freepik.com)

Our desires to consistently be on the move, especially, when we have reached a particular feat, goes to show how programmed we have become. Designed to escape natural time, while operating like 20th century machines has clearly become ingrained in the inner workings of our psyche. So many of us in the career world, even experience a sense of guilt, should we decide to delay our break; even while on the verge of completing something major. Taking time to simply be, without any reason than, because we exist. Taking breaks between a recent success, and the one awaiting our design.

Of course, in all fairness, there is an excitement when we finalize a major task. A task, which has exhausted us of our energy. We want to continue in that euphoria. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Have we become so excited of what occurred, that we forget about celebrating its very existence? Relenquishing ourselves to that very essence in having been fulfilled in the aura of completion. Completion feels good! So, feel it!

(Source: www.freepik.com)
(Source: www.freepik.com)

My own personal experiences have caused me to re-learn, and re-experience, time, when she has decided to slow down. Appreciating time, in a sense of being able to relax, and feel good in the work, which has been completed. Allowing that pleasure and joy to linger a little longer. Seeing your accomplishments as more than a checklist. More like a journey. . .a beautiful process of practice. Elevating your professionalism, while creating new ways for it’s enhancement. Its nurturing and enjoyable! And, it has its own way for adventure! Mentally, you can continue to re-live the journey, all the imagining other tales, further ahead.

Another fascinating thing regarding taking breaks, in between major accomplishments, is that practice of learning how. . .to wait. There is an artistry in waiting. There is an artistry in creating, as we wait. There is a therapy in reflecting on the wait. Performing patience requires practice. Which means that there are many lessons learned, when we allow time to serve as teacher. Another shattering of the ego, where humanity (and especially, those career-minded individuals) are forced to surrender control, for once. Yes, it can be downright aggravating. Like a spoiled child, one is even pressed to throw a temper tantrum, if we did not get our way. Then time makes sure to correct us, accordingly.

One other comfort in that wait, before proceeding to accomplishing a new achievement, is the opportunity to assess how one works in time. Do we steadily glide through time, while creating? Or, do we harden ourselves in the physical realm? Our bodies stiff and rigid, as we are so focused on completing a task, that we forget the beauty and magic of the actual work. Having exalted any more passion for the tasks, that we just want to see it. . .done! Well, that all happens when we forget to appreciate, celebrate, and create in every segment (or component) of the task. We lose our humanity when we fail to appreciate the essence of time; as opposed to seeing her as a necessary vehicle in getting something, done. We are more creative when we feel time, every core of her sensory. Our production increases when operating in a way of working that is steady, consistent, balanced, and expansive.

Time is essential. It can be our most valuable, creative tool if used, correctly. Taking breaks, and waiting before the next major task, are also elements of time. The phenomenon is that it continues to go, even if we stop. So, why not enjoy time, during those pivotal moments when we don’t have to work in it. Relish in one phase of completion. Whoever created the rule, that we had to hurriedly rush to the next? Where did we lose that natural connection to dance with time? Well, maybe it occurred during that period of technological development, and its desire to conquer nature, for humanity’s greed.

A new phase, or renewal, is emerging. Breaking after a recent accomplishment is being interpreted in a different way. Not to immediately move forward, but to stand still. Standing still temporarily, gracefully, poignantly, and happily.

Slow down, unwind, and relax in the essence of time!

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