Mom working from home with daughters doing schoolwork.

There’s been a lot of coverage lately about the multiple roles moms are undertaking during this period of social distancing. While so many moms are balancing the increased and sometimes conflicting demands of being a work-from-home employee, an essential worker, or something in between (all while overseeing their children’s distance learning at home), multi-tasking is not at all new to the amazing women who assume the responsibility of running a complex household on a 24/7 basis.

The truth of the matter is that while there is increased attention being paid to the recent expanded level of responsibility that moms are assuming during this period of time, moms have always handled these roles in one form or another as an integral part of the education of their children and the overall well-being of the family. Further, as devoted daughters, grand-daughters, sisters, nieces and friends, the caregiving provided by moms frequently extends far beyond their immediate household as they often embrace the additional and critical responsibility of caring for loved ones who live elsewhere while still keeping their own home in order. Moms just keep on giving.

Whether flying solo or in partnership with another, moms are a powerful combination of a family’s commander-in-chief, chief operating officer, chief education officer, head of planning and analysis, chief medical officer, head of housekeeping, and chief financial officer. Further, they are typically the heart of the family, the glue that keeps it all together, the preferred shoulder to cry on, lap to sit on and ear to turn to. Moms are patient. Moms are kind. Moms are simply the best!

So, this Mother’s Day and beyond, while the additional responsibilities of classroom teacher, school nurse, lunch lady, and school counselor are layered onto moms’ already long to-do lists, consider the following:

  • Reflect on and acknowledge the support and encouragement you received from your mother or other female role models throughout your journey.
  • If you’re fortunate enough to have a mom who is still around, offer her a special thank you for all she’s done to support you.
  • If your mom has passed on, share her contributions with others as they continue to live on through you.

On a personal note, as I prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day this coming weekend, I am honoring my mom’s memory by reminiscing with my three siblings and our families about her unending support of each of us. As a single head of household with very limited financial resources, she worked tirelessly and left no stone unturned to assure that we could follow our dreams. My mom’s amazing faith, unconditional love, can-do attitude, incredible problem-solving skills, strong work ethic and ability to get by on a very tight budget, along with her support of our education and aspirations, instilled priceless values in us which we have passed along to the children in our lives. Through the examples she set as she confidently led the way, we learned so much more than we possibly could have in any traditional classroom.

As we acknowledge and celebrate their many contributions, let’s wish all moms and those who love them a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Adult daughter hugging her mom.