Social media is a great platform the global community of internet users to connect with one another. Back in the time when social media was galloping as the main source of exchanging information and communication, every internet user was excited to get connected with their favorite celebrities. Now, the virtual interaction has evolved on a big scale.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are major social media channels where celebrities connect with their fans. Some of them have accounts made for business networks while some simply use it to engage with their fandom. Meanwhile, there are some celebrities who have totally taken the game on a whole new level by having dedicated accounts for entertainment purposes. You can giggle, educate yourself and completely follow them for entertainment because of the content they put up.

Following are the celebrities with great social media accounts:

Gordon Ramsay: The celebrity chef from the UK is one hilarious man. His Twitter profile can leave anyone in laughing fits. The chef holding seven Michelin stars is popular for swearing and using curse words, and he uses a similar approach in engaging with people on Twitter. How? His followers tweet pictures of prepared meals and ask for his opinion. Usually, they are horrible in the presentation which sparks Ramsay to pass a hilariously offensive comment.

Michael Blakey: The music producer, drummer, entrepreneur, celebrity manager likes to connect with his fandom on YouTube. Michael posts videos about his everyday life. He is keen on owning cars and basically, his videos revolve around his luxurious lifestyle. If you want to kill a few hours away after work and drool over some sexy wheels, Michael Blakey’s YouTube channel – ProducerMichael – should be your destination.

Ryan Reynolds: The couple of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively is simply adorable. Ryan does not have a conventional approach to his Twitter account and he is one celebrity whose tweets are often circulated across various social media platforms because they are absolutely humorous! Ryan’s tweets are very witty and it is a joy to simply search for his profile and scroll down. In fact, the best of his tweets are the retweets he does to insults and hate mail sent to him by various people on Twitter. So, if you have something against him, do not say it to him on Twitter unless you like to be featured on BuzzFeed’s Instagram.

Lewis Hamilton: The British Formula 1 racing driver’s Instagram account is pretty entertaining as well. He likes to show off his multi-million dollar lifestyle, his GrandPrix wins and of course, marketing campaigns with huge brands and fashion icons. Lewis’ Instagram is full of glamour and inspiration. He continues to say humble words, motivates his followers and uses inspiring words for his life and success.

The world appreciates that some celebrities continue to be a complete source of entertainment even besides their career projects. In fact, their social media activity greatly serves as a gateway to their lives which people are definitely obsessed with.