High achievers spend a great deal of their time focusing on where they are going and not nearly enough on what they have achieved or where they have come from. Dr. Trevor Thomas believes that taking some time to reminisce can be an enlightening experience and something every person should do regularly. It’s advice that can help new graduates, or just people who need the confidence to pursue their dreams and ambitions. Many might insist that they are not well-equipped to carry out specificendeavors, but it is all about submerging oneself into one’s work, voluntary jobs, or commitment which builds knowledge and expertise.

Dr. Trevor Thomas is a Doctor of Dental Surgery, a qualification he gained from Howard University. He is also the president of Corona Hills Modern Dentistry, an establishment that offers cosmetic, implant, and full mouth rehabilitation services to patients. Together, with his team of trusted associates, Dr. Trevor Thomas treats all things dental and oral healthcare, ensuring that every person who visits their premises leaves with a genuine smile. He gets his confidence from a turbulent background and different experiences that showed him the importance of resilience as an individual.

He was raised by a single mother of four in an underserved community; his first true example of selfless love, tenacity, humility, and service. It helped him develop a mindset that he could not be a product of his environment. He wanted to be a product of his community’s pride. The struggles he went through with his family lit a fire within him.They representedhis belief that through dedication and perseverance, he could create many options for himself. He later relocated to Florida with his father and stepmother; a move that was pivotal to gaining a better understanding of manhood and higher education.With such a mentality, he ventured off to do any job that would positively impact his life. He has worked as a salesman, selling knockoff designer clothes, driven multiple rideshares programs, and managed an AirBnB business. All these instilled a hunger within him to want more; but most of all, to be a humble person, even with success.

He was first exposed to dentistry while interning at a fraternity brother’s office; Dr. Trevor Thomas remembers doing paperwork and janitorial tasks. He observed how clinical work was done by his colleagues, often asking questions when necessary. Eventually, he got the courage to assist with dental work at the facility. Such experience allowed him to learn from reputable experts who were already established in this profession. He believed in himself, risked his curiosity to get that necessary knowledge and skill. Right now, he is the entrepreneur of a firm that is taking over the dental business industry by storm.

Dr. Trevor Thomas faced his fears while growing up, gained inner strength, courage, and confidence to do anything. He is now a successful dentist who adores humility as a prime virtue that inspires his growth. Inaction breeds fear and doubt- if you want to conquer them, go out and get busy.