Kelly Ripa recently told The Cut that her morning routine changes depending on the day, but she always makes time to do what makes her happy. Ripa says her habits vary on the weekends, depending on whether or not her husband, actor Mark Consuelos, is home. “If he is, I tend to stay in bed longer,” she said. “If Mark isn’t home, I tend to go to exercise class in the morning before the kids get up and then spend the day trying to declutter.”

While our habits tend to fluctuate depending on the day, certain morning rituals are staples — especially the ones that set us up for a happier, more productive day ahead. Research shows that having a consistent morning routine can help spark creativity, lessen anxiety, and even improve your mental well-being. These celebrities have found the hacks that work for them, and some of their tricks are unexpected. Try giving their unconventional A.M. hacks a test and see what works best for you.

Julianne Hough lists five things she’s grateful for

Instead of waking up and scrolling through Instagram, take a note from Julianne Hough by immediately setting your intention for your day ahead — and even better, list five things that make you smile. “I set little spiritual goals for my day,” the actress told Well+Good. “[I] sit up and think of five things I’m grateful for that have either happened to me already or that I want to do that day that will in turn make me grateful.”

Viola Davis starts the day with a meditative jacuzzi dip

Viola Davis’ alarm goes off at 5:30 every morning, so she can fit in a workout with her husband, she told Refinery 29. Afterwards they take a relaxing jacuzzi dip so they can connect before the day truly begins. “That part of my day is completely about me and my husband,” she says. “We sat in our jacuzzi this morning and we just talked and talked and talked. It’s meditative for me.”

Ryan Seacrest triages his emails

While it’s tempting to hop online as soon as we open our eyes, TV host and producer Ryan Seacrest has learned that he works best when he waits until later on to answer his messages. “I will only take a phone call interview or other requests after I get through the first half of the day,” he told The New York Times. “I’ve learned that I can only have the capacity to engage in so much for certain amount of times… This did not necessarily come naturally. I trained myself. I used to think that every incoming question needed to be immediately dealt with.” Now, Seacrest has learned to prioritize his to-do’s instead of jumping online first thing in the morning.

Martha Stewart prioritizes her skincare

While taking care of our skin can often feel like a chore, for Martha Stewart, it’s the ritual that allows her to start her day on the right foot. “I get up a couple hours before I’m supposed to leave in the morning and I’ll put on a mask,” she told the Times. “I’ve always done this — well, basically since I discovered masks.” But it doesn’t stop there. Stewart explains that her daily skincare regimen includes hydrating serums, creams, and even a vitamin-packed juice that energizes her before taking on her day. “I [have] a green juice that I drink every single morning,” she said. “It’s very important.”

Demi Lovato works out for her mental well-being

Demi Lovato has been a prominent voice for mental health advocacy, but she also makes a point of emphasizing physical health. Her intense workout regimen is a non-negotiable part of her mornings, and she ties it directly to her well-being. “I like to do two workouts,” she shared with The Cut. “The first one will be boxing for an hour or maybe kickboxing or jiu jitsu, and then I’ll strengthen and condition by lifting weights for an hour.” Lovato says her double workout makes her feel strong, and even when she’s away from her regular routine, she makes a point of concentrating on her mental health in other ways. “I talk to the people around me, and make sure that I stay in therapy,” she explained. “And do the things that I need to make sure that I live a happy and healthy life.”

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