Mexican winds cry out for the slaughter of their maidens. In spite of their invisibilities, the wailing is heard. Loud and as siren, in the way of the miriachi. Women performing these sounds, sing so that the silent cannot be forgotten. When Mexican flowers are blown to a United States, within the Americas, there is a sacred contract having been sealed. For the winds remind them of a familiar scent. A familiar perfume, where Mexico has tasted these lands. Where Mexico had moved through these lands, receiving highlights of Native gardens, before her presence was, forbidden.

When the winds are wailing, they demand to be heard. Daring anyone to forget them, or pretend to be lost in deaf’s wonder. They sing the sonnets of Mexican maidens, who have disappeared in the land, crossing from it, or while in scents not of their own. They dance and perform for those still unfound, whose names we will never know. And yet, from Heaven’s gardens, they whisper to forever remain, remembered.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

In every garden, you have different, feminine images. Yet, the images are consistent, wherever you go. They are Mother, Maiden, and Spiritual Warrior. A sacred Trinity out of the feminine imagery. The spiritual warrior is the guardian, and gatekeeper, of womanhood. She ensures that in feminine spacing, and even outside, that woman is protected. Circulating balance and harmony, the spiritual guardian, stands guard for the Universal gaze. Ready, attentive, and alert, she is always prepared to defend the very essence of life. After all, it is woman, who gives it.

A sacred, feminine Being, birthed of Mexican lands, Vanessa Guillen was a maidenal, spiritual warrior. The media notates that she envisioned joining the army, during girl child. We don’t know. However, perhaps, just perhaps, her Mother recognized her precious nature, and position, in the garden. A desire to protect woman; keeping her guarded in Universal dances.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

Graduating from Cesar Chavez High School in 2018, Guillen was a member of the 3rd Calvary Regiment of Fort Hood, Texas. Interesting. Texas has been one state of Mexican memory in these United States. They say that April 22, 2020 was the day she was made to “disappear.” The vicious brutalities of those who thought that this day would be suitable in making her “go away.” Why? Is it because she is Mexicana? Did her feminine image “offend” those, who believe in the hierarchy, which paints her demise? Was her femininity too beautiful, illuminating, and vibrant, that it blinded falsehoods of life’s presence? Therefore, they, were forced to see the traces of their own ugliness; the ugly taintings of their Spirit. Vanessa Guillen was truly a sacred angel. She has to be.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

Observing pictures on the internet, and even a well-known publication, I couldn’t help, but notice, the spiritual magnetism, which surrounds her name. Surrounding her very legacy. One wore a t-shirt, with the face of Frida Kahlo. The other carried a painted image of the Virgin Guadalupe. Clearly, Mexican maiden and mother images had come to affirm this spiritual warrior. Ever reminding the world that names must continue to be spoken. Such is the way on la dia de los Muertos. Speaking them as they are still with us. She had protected us, so they came to honor her. Secretly informing us that she was safe in the garden. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Her name should be spoken, so that justice is served. When spiritual warriors are murdered, there is a vile nature in the air. One that is different from what anyone could imagine, were it the Mother or Maiden images. Justice must be served, and truth must be spoken. There are murals affirming that she blows between gardens of Mexican and US spacing. Nevertheless, continue to blow her name.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

I imagine her protecting and cleansing Heaven’s gardens. Protecting them and keeping them in abundance. Ensuring that their auras, scents, or perfumes are smelled by Mexican maidens, inhabiting Earth’s domain. Recognized and honored by American women, in knowing that she protected the sacredness of woman. How have we honored her? Regardless of differing cultural gardens, we must speak her name. For in the culture of woman, all gardens are invisibly intertwined and laced together. Creating a system of support and nutrition in the blossoming of all vegetation. That is the way of Universal gardens. Mexico’s gardens had given her. Contributing, and doing their part, in the protection of the feminine. Mexican femininity contributed their maiden to the security of US soiling. How have we honored her? Justice must bloom. It must bloom and blow, in order for Mexican winds to calm in their rage. Listen to these wails, and do not ignore their sound. It is their being, which keeps the names of their maidens in Earth’s circulation.

When Mexican winds cry out from Earth, the cempaxochitls will always bloom. In their boisterous, and illuminating audacity, they dare to be seen. Caring less about who finds them odd, when they celebrate life’s illusion. So, plant them. Water the auras of their delight. Allow them to bloom audaciously, so that this maidenal warrior, is never out of sight! #VanessaGuillen #Mexico #Mexican-American; Edits By Lauren K. Clark; Edits By Lauren K. Clark