Motivated by overcoming life-threatening liver failure, Mr McMahon, CEO and founder of a highly successful insurance firm with multi-million-dollar income and thousands of customers, has developed an algorithm for happiness.

When we hear the word ‘algorithms’, we tend to think of computer systems, online platforms, machine learning, and all manner of digital solutions. To the less technically-minded of us, the word might not even mean that much, bringing to mind only a vague connection with ‘something to do with computers’.

As a matter of fact, an algorithm is, quite simply, a recipe – comparable even to something as basic as a cooking recipe. It’s a set of highly specific, finite instructions for processes and tasks proven to achieve an exact outcome.

Given his over two decades of experience as a business strategist, it was natural for Mr McMahon to turn to logical and strategic methods to find the key to living a happy life. According to his theory, we use algorithms all the time in our daily lives – instinctive or conscious solutions aimed at being shortcuts to overcoming or, more likely, forgetting our problems and the things that make us unhappy.

Things like substance abuse or self-harm all constitute behaviors intended to help us deal with our problems – but not only are they ultimately self-destructive, they also do nothing to solve our issues in the long term. Appearing to help us deal with daily reality, they are in fact nothing more than hinderances to reaching happiness and balance.

In his best-selling book SuperHero Self, Mr McMahon shares his algorithm – so, as we’ve already seen, tried-and-tested method – for defeating our demons once and for all and learning to live a happier, fuller existence. Since discovering the recipe for being the person he wanted to be, Mr McMahon has dedicated his life to spreading the news – including through his podcast Your Voice to the World, the recent TEDx talk, and by travelling the world to address audiences eager to improve themselves.

So, what is Terrance McMahon’s algorithm for happiness?

The process begins with a decision to change ourselves. Mr McMahon highlights the incredible and so often underestimated power of each human being: our bodies are capable of feats we either take for granted or don’t even consider, our spirit is one of the most resilient concepts in existence, and our minds essentially create our reality.

Armed with this awareness, we inevitably come to realize that we’re responsible for who we are – for how we view ourselves and our surroundings. Mr McMahon’s message is simple: you are who you want to be, so decide to be your very own superhero and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Naturally, it’s not as simple as that – if it were, Mr McMahon’s self-help could be contained to a single tweet and his book would never have become a bestseller. His work as a keynote speaker and self-help guru is focused on teaching audiences how to truly discover their potential, how to determine who they want to be, and what steps to take to achieve this.