Therefore, he created trust in customers and made his subordinates respectfully follow.

Media CEO Nguyen Van Binh and talking numbers

In the list of “leading birds”, media CEO Van Binh is known as the company that soon grasp, acquire and master the preeminent technologies related to online business. Currently, this unit is becoming a partner of more than 10,000 individuals/businesses/organizations.

CEO Nguyen Van Binh is the captain to help the company achieve today’s success.

The understanding of advertising rules / policies and a team of professional human resources has helped CEO Van Binh to make rare breakthroughs. The company is implementing many fields and all fields have prospered.

In the Facebook advertising field alone, it operates around 50 projects per day on average. The budget for running ads fluctuates from 500 million to 1 billion / day which happens very often on the system. That has helped the aforementioned brand bring great success to many partners.

Respect credibility, accept loss compensation to keep promises to customers

To achieve the above remarkable results is the great efforts of a large team at the Company. In which, the head – CEO Nguyen Van Binh cannot be ignored.

With a mature and calm demeanor, this man makes customers quickly feel confident when connecting. Moreover, the clarity and professionalism in each process also helps him “pull back” for the company a lot of valuable contracts.

With the background of a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City, combined with the experience gained after many years of rolling around in the marketplace, CEO Van Binh grasped the psychology and solved the problems of customers well. are experiencing.

However, he said that knowledge can be cultivated, the experience will fill up over the years, but creating a reputation, building a personal brand with its own identity is really not easy. Looking back over the length of the journey, few people think that sometimes he has to spend his own money to make up for the loss.

CEO Nguyen Van Binh is the captain to help the company achieve today’s success.

Understanding what is “one time of mistrust, ten thousand times of unbelief”, CEO Van Binh said that trust and personal branding play a very important role. It is more precious than gold. If you have lost it, no matter how hard you try, it will be difficult to regain your trust.

Not only creating sympathy for partners / customers, this “marshal” is also very popular with juniors. Many young people decide to accompany Van Binh for a long time not simply because of their good income and an ideal working environment.

It is the dedicated boss who always thinks and cares about the staff like his own siblings that touches them. Many of them said that they have changed their mindset and way of life when coming to this company.

“Mr. Binh is a very serious person at work but out of the office, no one outside the office knows that he is our boss”, his generosity, intimacy, simplicity made his subordinates. admire.

Being a person who has been doing business through many positions, has had time to eat and sleep in the warehouse because the company’s office is only less than 21m2, many times “smooth pockets” because of the wrong way, the head of the company understand better than anyone the harshness of life.

He also realized that times can change, but values ​​and human nature are still the core factors to help them get some results. Among many criteria, honesty, trustworthiness … is a necessary condition for each individual to create his own “specialty”, helping himself to overcome the limit and reach his destination easier.

Once we have trust and our “character”, our friends and relatives will be your first companions and supporters. Thanks to that, the next road will be more convenient and smooth – this is also the message that CEO Nguyen Van Binh wants to send to his employees and many young people in the century of integration.

Believe that, knowing how to keep your trustworthy, knowing how important your personal image is, whoever you are, what position you hold … will soon have much prosperity as expected in the near future.