Kate Spade, an American designer with an international bold, courageous, charming, optimistic, and passionate lifestyle brand, will be truly missed by those who knew her best.

It saddened my heart deeply when I learned on June 5th, via the headline news that she committed suicide took her own life. Honesty my heart sank deeply as I felt the impact of the sadness that came over me.

As I processed and recall this fashion icon, trailblazer, and her maverick brand and her business savviness, the first thought that came to me was, “No one saw her – the world and people close to Kate Spade missed her.” I’m sure you’re asking yourself the question, what does she mean, no one saw her? The whole world saw her. Yes, the whole saw her accomplishments, celebrity, accolades, influence, financial success, business savviness, and lifestyle brand, but the person, the little girl within her went unnoticed.

The media shared a story of a woman suffering from depression but showing up daily for the world. Depression is a serious mental health issue that should never be taken lightly. As I’ve learned in my own recovery from an eating disorder, people who suffer from depression are emotionally stuck in the past. That is why I say no one saw Kate Spade – little girl within her. While the savvy businesswoman was becoming more and more successful, there was apart of her story that wasn’t attended to. There was something in her childhood that was unhealed, and no amount of money, celebrity, accomplishments, or business savviness could fill the hole in her heart.

There are also reports that Kate self-medicated with alcohol and didn’t seek treatment because of fear that her cheerful, playful, spirited brand would be impacted in a negative way if that became known. If you know anything about addictions as I do, you would know that alcohol is the drug of choice for people suffering from depression because it supports the cycle of depression and keeps the person on the hamster wheel. Shame is the emotion that supports the fear of reaching out for help.

The world has lost another great soul who was also a great CEO, businesswoman, mother, and friend. Shall we lose another due to shame, depression, or other mental health issues? I say No!

Women, it is imperative that you take care of your mental, emotional and spiritual health as you ascend in business. What does it profit you to gain the world and lose your life due to untreated pain. Hire a counselor, executive life coach, mindset coach, just find someone to talk to who can support you on your journey. it doesn’t have to be me as your CEO coach, but get the help you need and get it NOW, because you are so worth it!